{Wardrobe} Wednesday: skirt weather


the key to surviving an arizona summer is spending as much time as possible not in arizona...and skirts.
i've been doing plenty of both. 
 outfit details:
orange double crystal brûlée necklace, shoes, and top: jcrew sale
skirt: old navy
flat iron curls done with my misikko flat iron


Emily said...

I love this. Perfect print mixing and I adore that top


Jenny said...

I can't believe you found that beautiful skirt at old navy! Was it recently? I love the mix of prints too :)

kaity said...

I have this skirt too! I really haven't figured out how to style it well yet - I think I need to take the waist in a bit in order to make it fit better. you look super cute though! I love the combo of that shirt with the skirt.

Lauren Short said...

oh wow, you are the pattern mixing queen and it looks so perfect! i would've never paired that top and skirt but it's so pretty. and those necklaces! pretty girl.


Kristin Thomson said...

That's my same strategy! Skirts all the way. And I have that Old Navy skirt... I love how you've styled it. I might just have to attempt something similar.

Britney at Jesse's Girl said...

How do you put together such cute outfits? I love it!

And I wear skirts or dresses as much as possible in the summer here! So hot!

Melissa Keyser said...

Love this outfit! Your combination of patterns works so well and looks fantastic :)
Oh, My

Dani Shapiro said...

Holy guac that brulee necklace. I have the pink bracelet, and am obsessed with it, but this necklace exceeds my wildest dreams! Paired with the pearls - oh me oh my! You look gorgeous, as always! :)

vogue-sky said...

it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

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