instas from the anniversary trip to california


desert colors.
my favorite part of the drive.
coconut drinks from bear flag fish co.
deciding to not spend all our money at zara.
don't worry, jay gatspy's rolls royce was just parked in front of the beach house.
making a wish.

giant beluga, nbd.
after a great day at sea world, we were feeling the need for fish tacos, again.
shrimp and sea bass tacos from blue water grill.
watching the sunset in the strangest of shapes on san clemente pier.
visiting our wedding temple after two years. looks nice without all that scaffolding...;)
beach town streets.
not ready to face the reality of the return home.


Rebecca Smith said...

I got married there with the scaffolding as well...... HA HA :)

Cassandra Nafziger said...

Love these photos! I see the windmills nearly everyday--I'm not too fond of them, I think they ruin the desert landscape but I must admit that they are ginormous and still amaze me. But seriously, they are taking over.

Hayley Olsen said...

I live 5 minutes from bear flag! Best tacos ever :)

Aimee said...

Did the temple still have scaffolding when you got married? I was married 2 years ago June and the scaffolding was all over! :( When we called to schedule in Feb they said it would be off in May or June and it was on till like August. So sad :(

cait said...

looks like a great time girl! love your blog!

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