{Wardrobe} Wednesday: JunieHeart


i just got a facebook message from a friend i haven't talked to in a few years and when it came it also showed previous messages we had exchanged, one of those was a real gem i had forgotten all about, so my friends, i present to you the trouble with large extended families:
  • families ties...
    how's this for an embarrassing story?: yesterday i accepted a friend request from my 2nd cousin that i don't know very well. i found it a bit strange that he would find me and add me, because, like i said, i don't know him very well, but seeing as i did just see him at a ward i visited last sunday, i thought whatever, and i accepted him. 
    oh! what to my suprise when i received a message from him! what could he have to say to me, i wondered?....how about this: "hey i think you're beautiful, i'm here in Mesa, Arizona, what about you?..." 
    oh yes. this really happened to me this week. 
    i got hit on via FB by my cousin. indeed.

    • ..... ashley i am speechless!!.... wait... BAHAHAHAHA! there it comes! oh my gosh! ashley that is so bad!!! i dont care what anyone else has to offer, that is absolutely the worst story i have ever heard! ha how do you reply to something like that!? "thanks cuz :/ i think youre very handsome too! ...in a family sort of way :/"

Let's just say, I didn't reply.
Who knew Facebook messages could act as a little journal? Maybe I need to get all mine printed.
Speaking of that, has anyone ever gotten their blog printed? 
How much does it cost and how time consuming is it?
outfit details:
glasses//forever21 $6
emma dress (aka the softest dress on planet earth)// c.o. junieblake (winners announced here)
heels//seychelles $60ish
bracelets (lightweight, comfortable, and glam up any outfit, i've worn them everyday i've had them!)//c.o. a beautiful heart jewelry


brittany lewis said...

i love that dress!! you look so adorable in it.

Alycia Crowley said...

couldn't he tell by your facebook that you were with someone/married ahhh so awkward... hahaha

Ashley Nielson said...

this message was from a few years ago so i wasn't married yet! haha that would be even more awkward for sure!

Emily said...

That has happened to me too.... in person... at Thanksgiving dinner.... while standing with my fiance.... like really?!?!?! too funny!!! haha


Melissa Keyser said...

haha awkward story for sure. But, beautiful outfit! love the color combination & you look so purdy!


Sara said...

hahaha, this cracks me up. Sorry that happened..but what a great story!


Courtney said...

O man this story is so great! Thanks for sharing.

Irene Navajas said...

that's a weird story... never happened to me but it could with such a big family that i have, but i hope it doesn't.

Jenna H said...

FIRST - You're adorable!! I love that blue on you! SECOND - That is such a crazy story! Haaaaa I love love it though! :)

Alycia said...

Just came across your blog for the first time today and this was hilarious! I had a similar thing happen to me--I was at a family reunion and I was hanging out with my 2nd cousin. In front of everyone else he told me, "If we weren't related, I would totally make out with you." My response was simply, "Don't ever start a sentence again with 'If we weren't related" ha so awkward!

Kassie Rew said...

Loving the dress and bracelets! So pretty!

Becca said...

Hey! Its Becca- your old roomie...anyways I pop over here now and then when I need a good pick me up! You are so awesome. Anyways, I print my blog every year from this website blog2print.com. It was way easy and pretty cheap.

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