stealin' a young girl's heart.


it's not something new, i've experienced vacation withdrawals before, but this one seems different.
it's not just that we have to return to real life--laundry, grocery shopping, etc., it's mostly that while i'm busy folding those freshly washed clothes, there aren't horses grazing out my window, and that there are buildings getting in the way of my clouds. it's that when i want to get somewhere i can't just hop on a four-wheeler and that i'm back to wearing sandals instead of cowboy boots. i miss picking carrots straight out of the ground and being okay with eating just a little bit of dirt. i liked having a house full of family and country music playing in the background.
life was 'simple' and yet there was so much more to do--there were wildflowers to look for, campfire songs to be sung, country dances to attend, fences to mend, gardens to till, open skies to admire, and horses to ride.
 for one of the first times in my life i wished that instead of my dad moving to the city when my parents got married, he would have taken my mom back to the country and continued in his cowboy ways.
i'm not quite sure how long it would have lasted, but this weekend had my convinced...i should have been a cowgirl.


4jesusinmt said...

Where is this? I guess I missed where you went? Or not! : )
I'm blessed to live in Montana, and while I don't have horses grazing (most of the time) in my backyard, it is wonderful to look out and see sky and mountains! Thanks for the reminder-I guess I take it for granted a lot! We took a trip to CO last Summer, and while CO is pretty-it's nothing compared to MT! I was almost dumbfounded when we got back, it was like I had a whole new perspective about where I live! Always good to get away and get a new perspective every once in a while!
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Kayla said...

I'll love you forever just for quoting that song. It's a lifelong fav!

Caroline Ray said...

You would be a perfect cowgirl-you are still young and you can do it!

Jennifer Thomas said...

This post should be a country song. Just sayin'. Haha that place really is amazing. I still miss it.

brittany lewis said...

i'm seriously so jealous. i want to visit a ranch and ride into the sunset more than my heart can bear.

Irene Navajas said...

so cool, I can imagine how hard it is coming back to reality after a weekend in a place like that. I love boots, so I should be a cowgirl too =)

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