{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Independence Day


This weekend was kind of the 'fourth of july' weekend at church. 
It was the Sunday that we sing all the patriotic songs and it also always happens to fall on the one Sunday a month where there are no planned speakers. Instead it's a day for anyone who wants to can come up to the pulpit and talk about things that are in their hearts; which in July, is usually themed upon this great country. 
Sometimes people have really great stories to tell that touch your heart about those great people who have served and fought for this country, but to be honest, a lot of times it gets kind of awkward--some people get up and stand on their current political soap-box, which generally starts a  strange chain-reaction of people talking about conspiracy theories and the like...at least that was what happened last year and my family spent the entire meeting with our heads between our knees laughing in embarrassment.
Luckily this year it wasn't quite as extreme, but i still a little strange for me. I even thought for a moment, that maybe it would better if i just didn't come to church the weekend before the fourth. 
I know, I'm terrible.
What got me was when I was sitting in primary with my new little class of 6 year olds and we were all standing and singing the star spangled banner. I looked around to see each child with their gaze on our beautiful flag and their tiny hand over their hearts, and out of no where I got chocked up. 
A sudden wave of patriotism came over me and I couldn't help but think about how wonderful it was that I was right where I was, in a church that I decided to be attending, and that people there were allowed to stand up and say whatever they needed to, good or bad about the government, that these little children could grow up to be whatever they wanted to be, and that we have a constitution that allows that.
I was grateful that i was having that moment of reflection, gratitude and pride. 
I needed it.
Hope you have a very safe and happy day!
God bless America, and God bless the World.

outfit details:
headband: jcrew sale $8
shirt: H&M (stolen from marcus' closet)
leggings: lands end $20
watch: urban outfitters $22
bracelets: vintage, charlotte russe
(probably the most comfy shoe i've ever worn, might want to order a half size down)


Wrench50 said...


Anna Jones said...

I think everybody who's been in church for a while has at least a couple of hilarious stories about church members rants, etc. Hope you have a good 4th!

Jenny said...

I always dread the first Sunday of the month, haha. Don't get me wrong, I have had heard some great testimonies, but the vast majority either turn into sobbing uncontrollably or elaborate stories! Love your outfit by the way :)

Kim said...

I'm not a church goer anymore (I know, shame on me.) but totally remember those days at the church of my childhood and teenage years. When our pastor left and we had to vote for a new one, oh gosh, that was a disaster!

Chelsea Trunnell said...

Yeah . . . when they say that Latter Day Saints are "a peculiar people", they're actually not joking. Haha. Love this look, though. You are such a pretty person.

brit2011 said...

so two things 1. I am so glad that some where else in the world people say crazy things on fast sundays... makes me feel better about thinking it myself sometimes 2. I love your blog because you have such great style but its style that doesnt kill the budget so as a newlywed (wev've been married for a year) I feel like being stylish is actually an option.
Your great thought you should know

Tamara @ GO Fish Style said...


Jelena said...

I like it when a girl takes a male clothing item and rocks it in her own way, it always looks super. ;)
I love this outfit, that head band is really nice and it really suits you well! I think I'd look like an idiot if I put something like that on my head (it's not that I'm the prettiest girl in the world even without it). xD
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

Tay said...

your outfit is so cute! <3

Anne said...

As much as I love your blog and appreciate reading it, I need to call you out for this post. Little children can't grow up to be whatever they want to be. Your religion (using your money) funds that. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/15/us/politics/15marriage.html?pagewanted=all

Ashley Nielson said...

i totally understand where you're coming from, believe me, i do. but that's part of america, its a democracy and groups of people can vote for what they think is right and if it's the majority, than that's what happens. other states have had a majority of people who felt another way, and gay marriage was passed and i totally support their right to vote that way and win. i completely agree that gay people and homosexuals should be treated with love, respect, and have rights. i tweeted out a really beautiful post written by a gay member of our church if you're interested in the subject: http://www.joshweed.com/2012/06/club-unicorn-in-which-i-come-out-of.html
thanks for your opinion, anne, it makes me think about things and i appreciate it.

Sarah said...

I feel like I need to say this as it's my biggest pet peeve and it's happened multiple times in the past week. It's not the "Forth" of July, it's the FoUrth...as is the number four... Sorry for being all grammar police, but like I said, pet peeve.

Dana said...

Probably just a typo, but incase it wasn't.... it's "soapbox" not "soup-box".

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