{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Summer Sherbet


Just got back from a beautiful mid-week vacation to San Diego. Is it just me, or do these colors scream California?
i'm still recuperating from a few days in paradise. And i'm still asking myself why we don't live there.
 outfit details:
necklaces: nordstrom & stella and dot//gifts
sunnies: forever21//$6
striped top: jcrew sale//$24
belt: forever21//$4
wedges: target//old
bracelets: vintage, charlotte russe, emersonmade
talk about awkward & awesome, check out that rainbow orb...thank you, sunshine.


SphenicAtaraxy51 said...


Erica Jenkins said...

oh those are totally california colors! so pretty! you are a beauty!

Dani Shapiro said...

You SHOULD live here! :)

Jen said...

So LOVIN this outfit!

ashley santiago said...

you're beautiful, loving the color scheme

Margarita Bloom said...

I am in love with this outfit!!! Everything is so pretty!

hayley said...

love this outfit! i live in california and those are definitely "cali colors"

Samantha said...

Girl! You go! Pullin off those pink pants! I've been thinking about getting a pair myself, but I'm a little to scared I wont be able to pull them off :o

Cassidy said...

I have been asking myself that too! I just got back from San Diego on Saturday and I am trying to make some kind of excuse to go again. I love that place more than just about anywhere. I could hangout on Coronado island for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

Nikki1156 said...

This outfit totally screams Cali, I love the colors!
Love your blog, I'm your newest follower!


Kelsey C said...

i am also wondering why you dont live here. that would be pretty fantastic... juuuuuust sayin'

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