Big Bay Boom 2012


we had such a fun mini-trip to san diego to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the weather, the food, and the family.
turns out coronado island is the place to be on independence day morning. the island puts on the cutest little hometown parade. and let's not talk about the dreamland houses...
after the parade we set up camp at a park in the big bay boom harbor. its called the big bay boom because you can see three there are multiple barges putting on the same fireworks show and they're all visible in that bay.
we were there about 8 hours before the fireworks show was scheduled to begin at 9:00pm--eating a picnic lunch, napping, and visiting, and reserving the perfect spot.
marcus and i were laying on a blanket counting down the last few minutes when suddenly the entire sky lit up and just as we both rocketed up (screaming i might add) we saw the most gorgeous display of lights in the sky and heard the most deafening sound of our lives.
for the duration of the boom my eyes were popping out of my head, i was in a full scream and i think happy tears were coming out of the sockets my eyes used to reside.
i can't think of a time in my life that in such a short amount of time my happyness radar has risen so high or so quickly.
once it was over, i told marcus we could never watch fireworks anywhere else, and that we could go home now because nothing else they did could be as amazing as the one we just saw.
so, after waiting for about 30 minutes for the rest of the scheduled 30 minutes show to happen, we were informed that there was a malfunction on all the barges and that all the fireworks had gone off at once!
but i didn't really mind because i had just experience something i might never see or feel again.
that day in july 2012 the Big Bay Boom, really lived up to its name. and that day, we witness history.

So which would you rather see: 30 minutes wrapped up into a crazy 1 minute show or the scheduled 30 minute display?
you can see the video and question posed here.


Jenna Foote said...

Oh my gosh! You got to see that? I watched a YouTube of it and nearly died. I would have LOVED to be there!

emily davis said...

That is hilarious- my dad told me about this and we were cracking up. Sounds like an amazing 30 seconds. And it looks like you had such a fun day regardless.

I think with kids it would be harder to say "alright, it's over" after all of the anticipation. But if it was just me I could get over the length and appreciate the majesty of one big explosion, haha.

Cannon said...

When I saw the report about San Diego's firework mishap I immediately thought of you. "I hope Ashley didn't take our advice and go to San Diego!!!! She'll be so disappointed and never take our advice again." Glad to see you really do have a positive outlook on life in all situations. Glad you had a great time.

Amanda said...

I would rather see the 30 minute show. I went down to Tempe Town Lake to view them this year and it was a great show. But, seeing the 1 minute show would be a great story to tell and a once in a lifetime event!

Ashley Nielson said...

emily, you would have freaked! i would have loved to have you with me, because i needed someone there who was excited as me! haha

Ashley Nielson said...

hahaha from here on out, i'm ALWAYS taking your advice! it was the best :)

Ashley Nielson said...

that's awesome! i'll have to keep tempe town lake in mind for the future :)

veronica.veit said...

Youy makeup looks perfect!! Lovely pictures! Those hearts in the watermelon are adorable!

Cassidy Bone said...

seeing how i was there and can totally and completely confirm that it was the coolest thing ever, I would probably say the one minute show. My family was all super bummed out that we didn't see the actual show, but honestly, being there to "witness history" and see that ridiculous display was amazing! Everyone was screaming their heads off and cheering, I don't think I would have traded it for the 30 minute show even if I could

Libby said...

haha how funny that you were there for that! my best friend goes to law school in downtown SD and was also there and said everybody was so confused! they apparently are going to do a free make up show for people who paid money to see it and didnt get to see the whole show

brittany lewis said...

that watermelon picture is ADORABLE! i loved our firework show, but if i would have been in your shoes, picniking and parades, then i'd take a 1 minute show any day.

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