{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Bridal Shower


A friend of my sister and mine is getting married next week so we decided to through her a shower.
I woke up and like it always seems to go, had a full closet of clothes with nothing to wear.
With the help of my instagram friends I finally decided upon this little number. 
Thanks guys!
The shower went great and I'll share pictures next week, but as for now, I'm totally and completely exhausted.
Excuse me while I lay in bed for the rest of the day.

PS i'm always adding to my Shop My Closet, so be sure and check it every now and them :)


Lauren Aitchison said...

Love this outfit. The trousers are brilliant.

Anna said...

You are just the cutest thing ever. LOVE those pants even though I would never be able to wear them.


Jenny said...

I want those pants so badly!! It looks like a perfect bridal shower outfit :)

Anna Jones said...

Cute shoes! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Suzzie said...

yep, that outfit turned out pretty cute. I love when people pull off the floral pants.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE those pants!!
Such a fun combo.
Have a beautiful weekend:)

brittany lewis said...

ashley, you are so cute. i wish i could be as cute as you. the end.

jenni austria germany said...

i want those pants.
and those shoes.
and i'll take the shirt while i'm at it.

Justine Searle said...

Are those adorable floral skinnies Citizens by chance? :)

Tznius Finder said...

you have great style and I think you're so pretty!! I come here from time to time to check out your blog. I love the name and I like how much of an individual you are. Where do you shop? I shop at empresscouture.com which offers a lot of modest styles. They're opening up an online boutique. yay! I also shop at modcloth. Lots of Love! You are beautiful!

Adrian Lesoing said...

Such a bummer about your cameras getting robbed. That really sucks, girl! On a good note, your floral pants are totally adorable! I just recently started reading your blog and you have great style! I'm in the Phoenix area as well. Take care!

xx Adrian

kelsey williams said...

you look more than adorable.

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