food trucks in phoenix and a lesson on GTD.


a few wednesdays ago ashley (from the shine project--i'm not speaking of myself in the 3rd person, mind you...) and i went out to the food trucks in Phoenix. 
it was something i had heard of, but never attended, and seeing as i have a new found love for that capital of ours, i was really excited to check it out.
while the food trucks were fun to look at, the food was delicious, and the farmers' market was just about the quaintest thing i'd ever seen, what i really took from the experience was a little thing i liked to call GTD--its the fancy shorthand for getting things done.
you see, ashley (again not me), knows how to do just that.
she maybe doesn't know it, but she's an inspiration to me.
she has such a busy and full life and i really look up to her for that.
aside from all the service she does for people who are struggling, i thought it was really awesome that she just said to me, 
"hey, what are you doing wednesday? how 'bout going to the phoenix food trucks with me?"
you see we had been casually mentioning that we needed to hang out sometime, but, other than a few service projects, had never made the time.
i feel like that happens a lot to me. people say they want to hang out, and i really do too, but i don't seem to make the time. 
 or even when i have the time, i don't take the initiative to ask them. i worry that they'll be busy, or they won't like what i suggest, so i just sort of let it go and before i know it, it's been a year and we have never hung out.
 so, ashley, while i certainly find your shine project inspiring, what i really love about you is your ability to GTD, and i hope i can take that lesson to heart, and do it myself.
because life can really pass you by, and i'm not okay with that unless it was filled with people and memories, and adventures.
So this month, i'm going to spend a lot less time playing on my phone or the computer and try and spend a lot more time reaching out to old friends, new friends, and family, and i'm going to get things done.

What are you going to do?


AmandaCeleste said...

I've been wanting to go to the Phoenix food trucks as well! I will have to go next time I'm in town!

Annalee Russ said...

SO true and inspiring... plus where did the dress come from?

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ok this place looks amazing. the food looks awesome and so does the market. its things like these that make me hate being stuck in provo. also, i love that idea. i'm going to try and GTD as well :)


Ashley Nielson said...

i got it from forever21 a while back :)

missjenee said...

I am another GTD-er. I love you very much! Workshop starts on Monday...Oh how I wish you would dress up like Rock Star Barbie and make an appearance. :)

Anna Jones said...

I'm with ya Ashley! It is the most amazing feeling in the world to be surrounded with happy positive people you admire and adore! That is why I read your blog! And the empress's of course! :)

jenni austria germany said...

i'm going to fly to phoenix to go the food trucks with you.
that's what i'm going to do.

Amanda said...

Please tell me where this farmer's market is?

brittany lewis said...

i do the same thing, i tell people i want to hang out with them, and i really do, and then i kind of chicken out. that's definitely something i need to get better at.

Maria - said...

AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

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Have an awesome week.

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Chelsey Oliver said...

LOVE THIS! I need to take this to heart as well.


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