{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Girls vs. Boys

when i found this gem of a jumpsuit on the goodwill earlier this week it had massive shoulder pads and a large white bib or sorts in the chest area, but those little tricksters couldn't fool me. I saw this polka-doted pleasantry for the prize it was. and when i realized it was $1 because of Dollar Day, there was no question about whether this would be mine.
i came home, ripped the shoulder pads out, unhooked the bib, stitched the neckline a little higher, rolled the sleeves, and added a belt.
and voilĂ ! i had myself a precious little number that marcus said,"...still seems a totally 80s."--sometimes boys just can't see the vision.
i guess i'll wear it for girls luncheons instead of date nights.

Do you notice that there are certain outfits you wear when you want to look cute around your girlfriends vs. your husband/boyfriend/guy friends?

the breakdown:
jumpsuit: vintage via goodwill dollar day
necklaces: stella & dot & nordstroms
belt: jcrew (old)
heels: seychelles (old)

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  1. Yes! I love it. And I totally agree about the girlfriend/boyfriend dressing. Happens with me all the time.


  2. You look darling!  Love your dress.


  3. You look awesome. I love the polka dots with the heels and that skinny belt.

  4. oh it looks totally modern :) i agree about dressing different around boys/girls. girls just seem to appreciate the little details!

  5. Such an awesome outfit! Totally jealous of your $1 find!

  6. What a great find! You certainly worked your magic on it! XO

  7. Very cute find! I just bought a maternity dress that is black with white polka dots, so the 80's must be coming back! ;)

  8. totally!!! I notice when I get together with the girls I'm more trendy and fashionable because I know they will appreciate it, for the hubs I just go for simple hotness!

  9. Yes! I'm glad it's not just me! I love your outfit!

  10. I love polka dots...and you can't beat beat $1! I think it looks great :)

  11. yeah... sometimes it's so obvious, but others I just don't pay attention. 

  12. dang! that's a steal! such a great dress :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruthunderpeachtrees.blogspot.com

  13. That jumpsuit is freaking amazzzzzzzzzzingggggg!!!


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