{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Barry Louis Polisar+me being a champion at important and impressive things.


Do you love this song?
I love this song.
This song makes me not want to die because I'm waking up way too early for work this morning.
It makes me forget that my stomach is eating a hole in itself because I never have time to eat breakfast on new store shipment days.
It makes me not think about that I have to work a 9 hour shift and then come home and continue to pack up my stuff for a few more hours after that.
One thing that it does not make me do...want to drink SunnyDelight. That stuff is nast. ee.
Let me tell you. 

I did used to be the fastest SunnyD drinker at Franklin West Elementary though.
Only once did I beat Jadey B. at that contest, but once is enough as long as you hold on to that 13-second record time. 
And hold on, I did.
Also the fastest chocolate pudding eater, and hula-hoop champion.
Obviously, those were my glory days.


brissa said...

i love juno. 
i love her and pauly and that entire movie. 

Shelley said...

Yes, I love it! That soundtrack is one of my fave albums. Love the dry wit of the movie, too@

K makeitandfakeit said...

YES love it!!! but what i love more is the logo!!! SO cool!!! colorful and fresh!! 

love K

Dawnie P said...

I love this song! I hadn't heard it before, thanks for this gonna have to go and hunt down some more!


Lauren said...

If this song comes on, my boyfriend and I sing it together. Vom!

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