{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: green-eyed girl

Marcus was a sneaky one this year...
I had seen this gorgeous silk shift dress on one of my favorite vintage etsy shops earlier in the month, and to say I lusted would be a bit of an understatement. 
It possessed so many of the qualities i look for in a closet mate--it was a gorgeous natural fiber and by the photos and description its silky goodness was flawless even after over 40 years of existence. It was my very, very favorite color of green, it was long enough, it had sleeves, it was vintage (and therefore, likely one of a kind,) and it was my measurements. 
But alas, i was trying not to spend money on myself since it was the month of giving, so i did my best to push it out of my mind. 
I could not.
I knew the lady selling it was local, so I contacted her, asking if i could only come try it on. i even made it clear that i most likely was not going to buy it, but i just need to know if it fit. For if it didn't, I wouldn't have to mourn its non-existence in my closet. 
She was kind and agreed. We were to meet on Friday morning. 
Thursday came and she hadn't emailed me back with her address. 
Then Friday morning she text me and said her children were sick and they had to go to the doctor and that we could meet Monday, first thing. 
Then Sunday, the sad news came. 
The dress had sold. 
It was very sad, but it did help me move on.
Sometimes I would go in my closet and think I saw that fine green silk, but, of course, it was all a facade. Someone else, perhaps with green eyes and my shape was wearing now, admiring all it wonderment, and I was glad for them. I really was.
Then Christmas morning came and we took a few last gifts to my siblings house. I had already gotten this gorgeous arrow necklace that I had been wanting, and I did not expect anything else so grand.
When my last box came, I died just a little bit when I saw that color, and then a lot more then I unfolded it to find that the buyer was certainly not a green-eyed girl with dresses on her mind, but instead, a fabulous brown-haired boy, married to the happiest wife in town!
the breakdown:
hair.do: beach curl with large curling iron
on the mark necklace: gift from Marcus
vintage silk dress: gift from Marcus via flourvintage
leather belt: jcrew sale
leopard carlton flats: c/o wantedshoes

A special thanks to Kayleen who played along perfectly and made this surprise, so very surprising!

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  1. My husband did the same thing to me! I had been obsessing over a purse, and he bought the last one for me for christmas! Husbands are the best!


  2. aww cute. i want a hubby like that one day;) love it.

  3. Such a sweet story! Go Marcus! studdd

  4. So sweet! What a good husband! 

  5. I was given that necklace for christmas this year!

  6. So gorgeous! Definitely your kind of dress! 

  7. What an adorably sweet hubby you have!!  I love the dress and your On the Mark necklace as well.  


  8. i love that shade of olive green. looks incredible with your hair color. 

  9. your husband rocks and this dress is vintage gold.

  10. Such a great story and that dress looks wonderful on you. Definitely 'your' green.

  11. you're a lucky girl!

  12. Wow I love that dress you look amazing!! 

  13. What a wonderful story! Makes the dress THAT much better! What a beautiful dress and lovely husband! :)

  14. wow, i loved reading this charming story, warmed my heart. so inspiring! glad you are with a man who loves you, and who knows you so well.

    oh, and, obviously, the dress is gorgeous and looks stunning on you!

  15. i love that dress (and all of kayleen's dresses). it went to the right person, it looks so perfect on you! that color is the best.


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