feelin' fine!


wonderful weekend, playing dress up and meeting a new friend!
finally some visual progress on the new place--so much hope in a close move in date that i'm starting to leave my clothes over there!
enjoying all the bright colors at work.
reading good books.
going out with my favorite date to one of your favorite places.
got a silly exciting direct message tweet from an 80s idol that has me giddy all day.
helping sister with wedding plans.
eating way to much in-n-out and lovin' it!

planning a get-together with kristine (while she's here for a wedding) to hear all about her japanese adventure.
like i said, i'm feelin' good!

what's got you jazzed this week?


e. day said...

danggggg girl. you should be feeling good! you look glorious in your photos and your hair is so long! 

jenni austria germany said...

waaaait, john cusack DMed you??? wahhhhat??

and those white pants....i am loving them.

Irene Navajas said...

in love with that outfit, white pants and flower shirt :)

Notes She Wrote said...

John Cusack!!! Craziness!!! I would be giddy all day too :)

McKenzie Mease said...

your bloggie is so cute! i love it:)

oh my gosh! john cusack??! i am beyond jealous!
and i have yet to enjoy the deliciousness that i have heard about with in-n-out burger!

Hannah, the braided bandit said...

Your weekend sounds amazing! Your blog is adorable, I absolutely LOVE the name and the header image is so cute.  I was a unicorn for halloween, they're my favorite! I'll have to continue back reading a little bit to get a good dose of colorful inspiration from you!

alexis said...

wow you have so many exciting things!

talley said...

have I told you how much I love your blog?  I think you may even be my favorite blogger.  And it's starting to make me want my own blog!

Alexandria Blythe Talley said...

John Cusack! Better Off Dead defined my teenage years! :)

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