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Our good friend Ty recently proposed a weekly cinema night.
We of course said YES. 
Because, one, we like Ty and the other members of the 'club' (Sierra, Lauren, Ted, and Mac the dog)
And two, because we like movies.
Watching movies with other people is especially fun, other than the fact that you can't shamelessly snuggle--but this too has it's perks, because then you actually WATCH the movie...
Each person is assigned a week that they are responsible for choosing the movie, and every night is a jammie party.
This week it was Marcus' turn to choose, so he picked Sixty Six
We had watched it before and really loved it. 
It was well-acted, quite hilarious, beautifully shot, and incredibly touching in a rather quirky way.
I implore you to get together with friends (preferable one's that have Netflix because it's on instant play) and enjoy this charming little film.
There's a chance Marcus cried...just a bit.

63 strings winner announced here.


Karen said...

Sounds like fun. I have a monthly cinema night with two of my classmates who also live in rooms here in Antwerp and it's always a blast.

Johanna said...

It looks so British and hilarious. Need to see it!

Amy Cragun said...

Best movie ever! 

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

what?!?! i've never seen this movie, but it sounds perfect. might just have to snuggle up to netflix!! ,)
xo TJ

Ty Kircher said...

Film night is excellent!

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