{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: New Years Eve


I've been waiting patiently for this skirt to go on sale. I almost gave into temptation once and bought the not-quite-as-amazing navy blue version that was on sale, but I held onto hope that the cobalt blue would in time make it's way to my favorite rack in the store. And it did, just before New Years Eve, it did.
Patience, my friends, is a virtue.
Being as pale as a ghost? Less of a virtue...
the breakdown:
on the mark necklace: christmas gift from marcus
glasses: c/o glassesUSA.com
liquid silk skirt: jcrew sale
monogram watch: urban outfitters
burnt orange flats: forever21


Jenna Haney Foote said...

Heck no! Pale skin is gorgeous. Take a look at Nicole Kidman. We fair ladies need to stick together!

thepapermama said...

That outfit is so lovely.

Taeshabaldridge said...

I agree with Jenna --^ Pale skin is thee best! Also, take a look at Taylor Swift. Stunning! Go pale people!!!(: Visit my blog's sometime.

Thanks! And cute blog!

Alison said...

I hate waiting for sales, I'm always afraid that something will happen and I'll miss out, but I also hate paying full price. Conundrum. 

alexis said...

Awesome! I just did some sponsorship with glasses USA! They seem awesome! Too bad I dont wear glasses :) And I think your pale skin is gorgeous on you! Happy new year!


jenni austria germany said...

you're the cutest.  let's be friends.  

oh wait! we already are. 


Leslietheyellowgirl said...

!!! I have the same skirt. And wore it yesterday for New Years eve dancing :)

Karen said...

That cobalt is to die for. And dear, you look marvelous with your pale skin.

angela hardison said...

that skirt is rad, pale skin is awesome, your glasses are fantastic. hooray all around.

Katie I. said...

I don't have pale skin (and also I would NEVER EVER purposely tan--there are more important things in life, like not getting skin cancer) but now I feel like I wish I did. Your commenters seem to be all about it. Darn my Spanish heritage! 

ADORABLE skirt, but it's always you who makes the outfits. *Fist of rage* at your beauty. 

Rachel Luke said...

You are so cute.

ThreadsAndButtons said...

Haha!  I've come to decide that being pale as a ghost IS a virtue as I have this feature as well :)  Love that skirt.  And I think it was totally worth the wait :)

Amal Aboulhosn said...

I love the color combination!

I have the same shirt and adore it, even though it does this trick where it turns apple-green in certain light and makes me wonder if I'm color blind.  Have you noticed that?  Weird.


Irene Navajas said...

you look great! and i'm pale too and i like it! i mean... this is what i am and i'm not going to get fake tan hahahah

theblushingpeony.wordpress.com said...

Whitening products are big over here in Asia. I'll kill ( a chicken ) to be as fair ( not pale ) as you are. Fair skinned gals totally rock the bright red lippie look.

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