{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Fall meets Winter (and our house floods...)


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 When I took these pictures yesterday afternoon I was feeling a lot more carefree than I am today. 
You see, when I took these all I had on my mind was a weekend off from work, dinner at my favorite pizza place with some of my favorite people, then some snuggling up in bed in our new place with by beau.
Yes, it was a nice time throwing leaves about and thinking the wonderful days ahead of me.
It was a wonderful evening with friends. 
It was a good movie that kept us out til after midnight.
It felt nice walking up to the door of our place after being away for a few days. 
We were so excited to sleep in our new bed for the first time since we set it up. 
Oh, it was a grand idea, but an idea that was dashed as soon as Marcus opened the door and half whispered, half yelled, "OH my gosh..., oh my gosh."
My stomach dropped out as I rounded the corner and saw him with his pajama pants hoisted up as he tip-toed through an inch of water that covered almost our entire living room and kitchen.
The blood from my face drained out as I listened to the downpour of water from upstairs, running down our walls.
I stood there paralyzed as Marcus ran upstairs to find a busted valve and then ran outside to turn off the water. 
I floated in like a ghost, soaking my non-levitating slippers as I assessed the damages.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the stark contrast of emotions from now and just two minutes prior.
Instead I did neither, just choked down a large knot in my throat.
I text my sister for comfort, which she quickly provided with a phone call and an offer to help, but it was now well past one in the morning and Marcus decided that anything that was ruined was already ruined and a few more hours of wetness wouldn't change anything. 
So disheartened we drove back to our in-laws to try and sleep. Upon arrival, it was confirmed that we had not yet gotten insurance on the place and would have to swallow the costs on our own. And that was that.
Now it was time to think of the things we could be glad about.
1. Our just-installed, beautiful upstairs carpet was fine.
2. We weren't as far along as we had hoped to be at this point, but that meant there were less things in the house, which meant less things were damaged.
3. Earlier that week we had moved tons of our boxes from downstairs to an extra bedroom upstairs that was untouched by the water, so none of that was wet.
4. Our downstairs was tiled, so it was mostly only the walls, ceilings, and cabinets that would need tending to.
5. We hadn't installed baseboards yet, so we wouldn't have tear those out.
6. We were still teetering on the decision of whether or not to get new cabinets, so now if they were damaged beyond repair, our decision would be made for us.
7. We had just come from a good meal and a good night with friends, so at least we weren't already in poor spirits about anything.
8. We have a great support system of family and friends that have offered to help in anyway they can.
While the situations is still frustrating, it is what it is, we can sit around and complain and cry, or we learn from the situation (like to always have insurance!) and get back to work fixing the place up. We'll be just fine.
The Breakdown:
Gold Coin Necklace: gift from Stephanie via Emersonmade
Top: J.Crew Sale
Skirt: gift from Reachel via Anthropologie
Hunter Green Tights: c/o WeLoveColors
Leopard Shoes: c/o Wanted


Dani Shapiro said...

I'm so sorry! I've been through a major flood, myself. My 2nd year of college, our on-campus suite was flooded... we had a Christmas tree on that patio that someone SET ON FIRE while we were out - AT A CHARITY FUNDRAISER. We were told not to return that night, and when we came back the next morning... we had 3 bedrooms flooded. Every shoe I owned + all of my school books were ruined. We were temporarily evicted, had to live in a makeshift dorm room on an all boys floor, and had to go through 3 different hearings to get back into our housing...

But we survived. ;) And I know you will, too, especially with your most wonderful support system. Good luck, darling! <3

alexis said...

AHH!!! I'm so sorry Ashley! :( That sounds like a headache! Maybe you can invest in some new things for "christmas!" :) good luck!!!!


Honor said...

This is so awful! Feel really sorry for you - but glad that you are keeping positive and can see the good in this annoying situation.

Love your skirt as well. 

Gabby Shihady said...

On man... I feel your pain. SAME thing happened to us last year. IT SUCKED. Now we just laugh about it :) Cheer up! It will get better


Emily Baker said...

oh so sorry dear. That is so horrible! Will keep you guys in my prayers. 

Pamela said...

Yikes! I'm surprised u were even able to close escrow without HO6 insurance. Good luck!

Sand4u23 said...

wow!! so sorry to hear! It makes me happy to know, that you are staying positive! You are so right, what is done, is done.
Hope you get the problem fixed soon, and have no further problems with your home!

Emily said...

I'm also surprised that your mortgage company didn't require you to have homeowners insurance in place. Perhaps your ins. company will honor a retroactive claim?

SUZE said...

Oh girl, I am so sorry!! I will definitely be praying for the best possible outcome.

Alyx Garner said...

Wow, that really stinks! I'm so sorry that happened to you guys! Good for you for finding the positive in that, though! 

Aileenbohn said...

I really really feel you...i moved 4 months ago and had 2 floods and I luckily had gotten insurance 5 days prior....Im so sorry but I promise it will get better!

Sarah McCammon said...

I'm sorry Ashely! If it helps me and Matt went through a serious flood last year and it's always way worse discovering the flood than it is getting everything back together again, you'll be just fine in the end:) I'm here though if you need support!

Missrashamarie said...

Man thats a bummer, but great attitude!

Shereen said...

Oh I'm so sorry.  

Lauren Short said...

 I hope things get better soon. At least you and Marcus have each other and all your friends and family. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers! :)

Autumn said...

Ouch.  I hope your condo has a speedy recovery!

EmilyWilcock said...

Oh no!!! I am so sorry!!! And really, we would be happy to help with anything. I'm sure you guys have a lot of help but in case you need a few more hands let me know! But just know that your outfit is absolutely fabulous! Yes, fabulous!

Andrea Baker said...

That is the worst. Our house flooded when I was little and we ended up moving it was so bad. I'm glad it wasn't your whole condo!

jenni austria germany said...

that is so awful.  at least you have a partner-in-crime (or, this case, partner-in-awfulness) in marcus, right?  that should make it a little better...right?  that, and you have cute shoes.

Leslietheyellowgirl said...

Oh my Darling. Your decided outlook is beautiful. Things like that truly do remind us of what is important. I should probably re-evaluate my own life. Sending love and prayers your way!

Johanna said...

I'm so sorry! It must be so disappointing.. But at least you found a few positive things! I wish I could help!

Natasha St John said...

Oh my Gosh, I feel so bad for you, but it's so great to pick out the positive, I'll keep you in my prayers and as usual, you are beautiful!

Irene Navajas said...

that must haven been horrible
I can't imagine how it feels
I just hope it doesn't cost that much to repair and that you can fix it quickly!

Theartsypaul said...

When DOug and i moved into our house about month after the summer monsoons came and flooded our house. Unfortunately we were not able to turn any water off. As we trudged through the inch of water we scrambled to move all our newly married furniture to high ground. which is pretty much no where in a one story house. We did have tile and used a lot of amonia on the base boards when the sun came out. The adventures of being newly married and homeowners will bring laughter to our grandchildren.

Bethall said...

That stinks. :( You guys will get it all fixed up and it will be for the better. XO

:) Jen said...

Thinking of you. 

:(  Jen

Margarita Rojas said...

My cousin lives in NY and they don't have flood insurance on their house because the area that she lives in hasn't flooded since like...18something. Then hurricane Irene changed all of that and their whole house was flooded. It was terrible! They JUST bought it the year before. They also JUST had a baby 2 months before. They had waited to get married, have kids, and buy a house until they were stable and now they have been trying their hardest to get the house back in shape.
I really hope that you guys find some great deals on everything you need to replace!! Good luck!

Kristine said...

OH MY GOODNESS. That skirt. Those shoes. I die. I'm sorry to hear about your flooded house though, that's so frustrating! BUT I really like how you are optimistic about EVERYTHING. 

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