{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Ane Brun


In saying goodbye to the wonderful holiday of Halloween, I have one more slightly eerie, but wonderfully beautiful music video to show you.
Someday can I just be in a crazy cool music video. I would LOVE to see how they produce something like this. Better yet, let me be the costume designer for something like this. 
Just gorgeous.

(Thanks megs for posting this awesome video.)
Happy November! 


Ruthie Gonzalez said...

Why is it that you love all the music I love? Ane Brun is amazing. we're probably kindred spirits :)

Kelsey C said...

That song is awesome.  And that video is creepily amazing!! 

Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist

kikicbrownee said...

That was so weird! But I kept looking at the costumes the whole time just loving them. Crazy..but kind of beautiful? haha

MoMo said...

Such a fun video. Love the music too. Thanks for sharing!

Leslietheyellowgirl said...

Wow. The pastels make me swoon. So beautiful, yet so sad. Thank you for sharing <3

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