Weekly Recap.


we shared our 'day off' so it was off to Crackers for some scrumdiddlyumptiousness.
We then rode home with the windows down, because that's the kind of thing this kind, kind weather calls for!
Happy hour at Ra Sushi is the best kind of hour to be eating things that are raw and things that are sushi.
Since Marcus loves Germany and I love Carnivals, we simply had to stop by Oktoberfest.
sunnies c/o Modcloth
Since we were half way to La Grande Orange after Oktoberfest, we surely had to go to our favorite pizza joint!
It never, no never, no never disappoints.
And we always have such a fun time browsing the La Grande Grocery Store, especially when we run into Lauren & Ted!
We finished off our date night with a little Sliding Doors--a real '90s classic.
Got dressed up for work.
Got the kittens to eat out of my hand, then one bit me--I am now Catwoman when the sun goes down. #sweetness
Was once again reminded that John Denver knew what he was talking about. Sunshine on your shoulder does make you happy.
Kicked off Autumn with a slice of pumpkin bread from Starbucks 3 times this week!
Woke up extra early to do the Breast Cancer Walk with DD. 
Met Daisy, asked her to milk me some Chocolate Milk, she obliged.
Stopped by my house to find my niece celebrating her "invisible, real, pretend birthday" 
It was a big enough deal that she wore her favorite unicorn top. 
But when's my invisible, real, pretend birthday?
Had our cute nephews over for dinner. They tickled each others backs while we talked about interesting things in the scriptures. It was quite darling.
Saw Marcus cry for the first time in my life. Then I cried. But we're fine--worry not your pretty little heads. 

It's been a real swell week, but not as good as if I would have had an invisible, real, pretend birthday...not that good.

Did you have a great week? 
What do you have to look forward to for this one?


Rachel Luke said...

Looks like fun! (:


Jenna Foote said...

My little girl's princess party yesterday was a SMASH! Seriously, an appearance by a real live Cinderella (aka my sister). Those 4-year-olds are going to be talking about this forevermore.

Alexis lamoreaux said...

Marcus cried?!?!? BABYY!!!!!!?? Oh that would be splendid! And oh my crap. You guys watched sliding doors? Did you like it? Because personally, I HATED it! But then again, I pretty much have a strong distaste for anything with infidelity in it. ugh! Glad you had a good weekend :) Maybe marcus will through you an invisibly, real, pretend party next week :)


Katy said...

I love your yellow shoes in the last picture! Where did you get them??

Haley Kjar said...

sounds like a great week indeed!! loved each of your photo's captions Ashley :) Cheers to yummy pizza, breakfasts, and Starbucks baked goods!  And a german carnival sounds pretty AWESOME to say the least.


Lauren Brimley said...

Cutest recap ever!

Also, running into you guys was the highlight of our week!

iloveprettypictures said...

sounds like you had a great weekend!! :)

Irene Navajas said...

my week was so busy and exhausting... but finally on saturday we had a double birthday party, went to a super new italian buffet restaurant which had SWEET PIZZAS!  i died a bit!

Stephanie said...

I am loving your pictures! Especially the one with the sunshine..gorgeous! :) That looks like an amazing week. Friday night was a pizza night for me and my roomie too..we were craving it. :)

jenni austria germany said...

oktoberfest!! i just posted about my trip to oktoberfest today.  but sadly, mine was in munich, not in tempe.  otherwise WE would've run into each other.

Chelsey Oliver said...

You guys always have fun weekends! Love, love, love :)

Aiketa said...

Love love love your ferris wheel picture! 


e. day said...

that's a super busy week. also: have you had the lobster spring rolls at ra sushi? they are quite possibly the most delicious things ever. 

MoMo said...

Every one of these photos are magical and make me smile. Looks like you had a great week!

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