Arizona Restaurant Review: Crackers & Company


For about two months I've woken up every single morning craving these California Eggs Benny that I had had a bite of at my sister-in-laws birthday brunch.
No matter how many delicious waffle breakfasts I would make, I still longed for that breakfast I never ordered.
Finally, one day I had enough. With a watering mouth, I convinced Marcus to take me.
I lured him in with talked of the fresh avocados, the crispy strips of bacon, the eggs, and toasted english muffin.

California Eggs Benny
Turns out it wasn't quite as delicious as my memory had convinced me of...
but don't feel sad, because this never fails me:
Augustina's Brandied Cinnamon Bread Pudding
No not for over 10 years has this treasure failed me!
Next time you need a sweet and creamy treat, do yourself a favor and get yourself to one of the two Cracker's locations and skip the California Eggs Benny, and get yourself one or maybe two orders of their FAMOUS bread pudding.

I sure love me some brunch!
What's Your Go To Brunch Spot?


Amy said...

I LOVE Crackers for lunch!  Their Chicken Tortilla soup is spicy, but so yummy! I go with my mom for lunch sometimes, and we always share one of their huge chicken sandwiches (we've never had one we didn't like) and we order an extra cup of soup, so we each get soup.  

I agree with the Bread Pudding!  I've ordered it other places because of Crackers' and I always end up disappointed because it isn't yummy like this version. 

Heather Marie said...

Oh wow. That looks scrumptious! 

Jess said...

mmmm you're making me hungry!

Missrashamarie said...


Highheelsandbubblegum said...

Looks so good!  I love a little place called The Egg and I.  It always tastes better in the morning when someone else is making it!

Lisa Travers said...

Both look amazing..pity the benny failed you. Gotta love a good Benny!

Alexis Kaye said...

I LOVE crackers! I'll have to try the bread pudding sometimes, I've always been scared. Don't you hate when you think something is going to taste so much better than it does? It seems like that's ALWAYS the problem for me when I crave something

Britt said...

There's this place up Emigration Canyon here in Utah called Ruth's Diner. They have awesome Eggs Benny and also the most amazing biscuits and homemade raspberry jam. Oh man oh man! My whole mouth just filled up with saliva!

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