{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: I know, I know, It's fall...


I know you're probably looking at this outfit and saying, "um, hello ashley, it's fall now and that outfit looks pretty darn summer to me." But you see, here in Arizona, while the weather is cooling off slightly, it's still near 100 degrees everyday. So we AZ Natives never really learned to dress in accordance to the official seasons. 
Sorry folks, I'm dressing in accordance to my weather, not in line with what the fashion industry tells me I must wear. 
Now, onto more important things--these glasses. Best $5.80 I've spent in a long time. 

The Breakdown:
Floral Glasses: Forever21
Chambray Top: J.Crew Outlet
Green Leather Belt: J.Crew Sale
Salmon Skimmers: Gap Sale
Rainbow Hauraches: Target (long ago)


boldandbeautiful37 said...

$5.80 for glasses????? WOW! Where did you get them?

Bekah said...

I have to do the same thing! I so desperately want to flaunt my new boots... it's not realistic with the 90 degree high of the day! Love the glasses!

Irene Navajas said...

the glasses are supe cute! =)
and here in the south of spain it's the same. i'm wearing shorts and flip-flops at the moment... though we start to have some chilly nights the days are hot!

Between Nous said...

You look great.....i really like this outfit!!! :)

Britney said...

i LOVE those capris! so cute!

Marielly Ruiz said...

The glasses are awesome.

My philosophy is: don't follow the seasons, defy them :)

Gro2fro said...

I don't see why you can't wear summer clothes at the beginning of fall, especially when it is such a cute outfit! :) Way to "rebel" against the changing of seasons.

Chelseabird said...

Love this look! Those salmon skimmers are adorable on you! 

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