fall is upon us.


when i walked outside this afternoon, i felt the breeze of a thousand butterfly wings around me and i knew fall was on it's way. 
it's fresh and beautiful and the smile wears freely on my face. turns out this place i live is quite nice.
happy day to you.


Alyx Garner said...

Love, love, love fall, and especially the clothes that come along with it! 

Sharmaine Ruth said...

I love the colors and fashion during fall! Everything is so pretty :) could do without the cold though haha!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

icleanyourteeth said...

Thanks for sharing. I love fall time!

Natasha St John said...

This made me happy! :)

Irene Navajas said...

happy day to you too!
we have rain and wind, so i'm happy

angela hardison said...

it's about time! hooray.

Autumn said...

Everytime I see fall pictures it makes me think of the smell of apple cider...and that is not a bad thing.


Leslietheyellowgirl said...

Your imagery has made my day such a happy one.

Arielle said...

Fall is good at making you appreciate the place you live :)


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