{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Not Falling for Fall.


You know what I love about Arizona?
The fact that while all of you folks living elsewhere are saying "goodbye summer, hello fall," we here in the southwest have a good two, maybe even three more months of temperatures in the triple digits. That’s right folks--it’s flip flops and heat warnings to no end ‘round these parts!
So, while the store fronts yell FALL, we can throw our heads back in greedy laughter--for our summer wardrobe will wear it’s welcome and by the time ‘winter’ comes around, all fall attire will be in piles in the markdown bins, and just the right weight for our laughable winter temps.

Although just about the time we stand in line, get home and rip the tags off, spring will be upon us and we'll most likely regret the money we spent on anything that felt heaver than, well nakedness.
What I'm getting at, is that this, is in fact, not something I love about Arizona.
I turn green with envy as I see the beauty that is a double button, rust colored overcoat paired with striped leggings, riding boots and a crisp button up.
I die a little inside as I wait for my steering wheel to cool down just enough that only slight burns haunt me, knowing that our leaves will never inspire and hot apple cider is more punishment than pleasure.
Fall is a season I didn't know I loved until I experienced it's splender while living in Idaho, and I will miss the fiery trees that graced my yard while living in a state that had all four seasons.
The Breakdown:
Striped Top: Forever21
Leather Belt: J.Crew
Pocket Skirt: Anthropologie
Canvas Shoes: H&M
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe


Leslie McConnaughey said...

Well the good news is you wear summer so well that Arizona suits you!

jenni austria germany said...

sometimes i think i should just move back to the US so we can be friends.

Miss Kyli Larson said...

Until you see all of the friends in Idaho and Utah suffering in the cold, wet snow and slush, while we fra-la-la in beautiful weather until about March. Then it's okay that we don't have a Fall. ...at least that's how I feel. While I'm spending two winters in SLC for my mission, I will be hearing about the winters in Mesa and most likely glow green in envy. The layers get old after awhile.

MALIA said...

this post makes me laugh. it's funny, because unfortunately it is true..

Kari Otto said...

You are so DARLING! This is probably one of my favorite outfits of yours. In fact I love it so much, that I just may have to go to Forever 21 and get that shirt :) 

p.s. I don't ever remember Spring when I lived in Rexburg...maybe I was just traumatized so much from all the snow.

p.p.s. Did you see that I featured you in my latest blog post?? :)

Rachel Luke said...

I am green with envy! your outfit is delicious.


EmmaAshby said...

I love your outfit. And if you ever need some fall you can come visit in Flagstaff! We still have a fall and the leaves turn BEAUTIFUL colors! And it's not as far as Idaho...or any other places that have fall! :]

Johanna said...

I know fall would be the thing I missed the most if I moved somewhere none-seasonal. 
I also imagine the clothes stores in Arizona and the like must be a little bit sad they can't sell fall and winter and spring clothes. It's just summer clothes and then a-little-bit-less-summer clothes. I imagine. 

Rebekah Trapp said...

Hey! Let's trade. I'm not ready for fall yet :( I wanna keep summer here; in Washington our summer doesn't REALLY start til late July and we really only have a good solid month(August) of summer weather. But your description of apple cider being more of a punishment made me laugh, I love your humor!

ALSO: Yesterday on my way inside the mall to my hair appointment, I saw a bumper sticker that said: "Unicorns don't believe in YOU!!" And I thought of you :)
Take care, cute stuff.
<3, bex.

Chelsey Oliver: said...

It's definitely fall here... just pulled out my new Jcrew sweater (congrats on the job, by the way) but I miss Sunny AZ too (and all the loves that come with it)


Angelahardison said...

adorable outfit. every time i see someone wearing that skirt i'm so mad at myself for not buying it.

Karen said...

You know what's the coolest coincidence ever? I wore the exact same top for my four hours of contemporary dance today.
Looks great on you!

Nonagon_17 said...

I live in Scotland! Not fair! Lovely, lovely skirt. x

Christy said...

This is my first AZ winter (as opposed to Utah's) and I am so stoked!

Kylie Pond said...

You just have to travel elsewhere in the state to experience it :) We are starting Fall up here in Flagstaff!

Jenna Foote said...

Seriously. One day I hope to be rich enough to at least have a "summer" home in Utah. But I'd like four homes just like you said.

The other day we walked past some store window and my husband goes, "Long sleeves? Really?" I'm like, "Yeah the rest of the world is onto fall. Arizona didn't get the memo."

Dani Shapiro said...

Haha I'm SAD we aren't getting fall here yet in so cal! I'm glad you're enjoying endless summer! :)

Sherri C said...

I love this outfit and the colors of those stripes! Yeah I don't want say goodbye to summer and welcome fall but unfortunately the weather is getting chillier, especially because I'm from Canada. But I'm not ready to break out my fall wardrobe just yet! lol. 

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

Alex Halladay said...

you are so adorable. LOVE your style. 

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