scenes from the week.


visited an old high school go-to date restaurant--pizza mart.
photographed a gorgeous family this weekend at a really cool location.
woke up before the sun just to sit in traffic every morning in order to get to work on time.
enjoyed my new we love colors tights. (enter the giveaway!)
noticed a lot of beautiful, ordinary things around this town.
set the sunday family dinner table, BOWS!

Did you have an enjoyable weekend?


Kristie Price said...

Game Room picture = perfection. Also, love the view of the escalator stairs. There is so much beauty in the everyday--thanks for sharing it!

Catie said...

I've lived in Phoenix/Mesa area my whole life. Where the heck is that train station and where has it been my whole life?

EmmaAshby said...

Love your pictures. Especially the place settings. So so cute! Also, your shoes with the welovecolors tights--adorable! And I want some of those peaches!! 

Jess said...

Ugh...don't you hate traffic?? I do the same thing.

Kylie Pond said... me some $.50 pizza mart cones. It was lame when they changed the price. Couldn't call them Quarter Cones anymore. Still my favorite though :) I love noticing the simple beauties around me!

Alekshandmade said...

went to a friends wedding and saw friends we havent seen in a year or longer. it was nice, but i would REALLY love to have a weekend where i can relax. look like you had a great weekend. i LOVE the bowtie napkins. 

jenni austria germany said...

no more linking up the giveaway, it decreases my chances at winning!

Tori Wadsworth said...

LOVE pizza mart. cheap yet delicious (especially their ice cream-yumm!)! and we just got our utah peaches too! we've made so many smoothis already. 

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