two giveaway winners!


Yesterday I got my striped drape shirt from EgoCloset and I love it! I'll be featuring it tomorrow, so be sure and check back then to see the whole look!
For now I have the winners of the $30 gift certificates to their cute shop:
Mrs Skvortsov Melissa Powell
YAY! Email me for details!

Didn't Win? Don't cry! 
They're having a huge sale, so shop your little heart out! Next week the whole shop is getting a make-over, as well, so don't forget to see what new goodies EgoCloset has to offer.


Mrs Skvortsov said...

I won! Oh em gee! I'm so excited. I just sent you an email Ashley. let me know if you didn't get it or something.

Melissa Powell said...

Ack! So excited!! Emailing you now!

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