{Top Five} on Friday


{Top Five} Fall Lookbooks:
1. I die for J.Crew's Fall color pallet. 
i'm more than obsessed with this yellow on yellow look...
i must have those leggings. please inform me when they become available!

2. Seriously Anthropologie, would you just stop it already.
Shop the Look:
3. Seeing as I live in Arizona where most of Autumn temperatures is still in the 80s and 90s, Ruche's line is more wearable (not to mention affordable!) 
4. Asos is one of my favorite new finds because they offer so many knee and midi length skirts!
everything and the shoes, please.
click below to get the look:
5. EmersonMade is my idol. That is all.
I've been dreaming about these for 2 years now, one of these days I'm going to sell my lung and get me a pair.
Nobody can even know how much i want one of these. I dream about them. I pretend I have one. I must come to terms with the fact that I will never.

Are there any amazing places you should tell me about that are carrying a fall line yet?


Johanna said...

Gah. I live in a place where fall has already come (at least in temperatures..) But this makes me sort of excited. Fall clothes are probably my favorites. 

shea said...

I fall in love with anthropologie but our relationship never lasts because neither does my bank account (:

Karen said...

I'm most definitely with you about Anthro and Asos. Emerson made has just made my dream wardrobe. It's not fair. Maybe we could get more money if we each sell a lung? Like a special pair? Hahaha.

Senja Lindahl said...

My favourites are Anthro and J Crew :) Have you seen Zaras fall/winter line? I posted about it this week and love it!

Your style is so inspiring!


Andrea Baker said...

All of these are gorgeous. I will now waste the next couple of hours internet shopping. Thanks!

Karenstack02 said...

I've been dreaming about these lovelies! They are most definitely my top 5 too! Wish they weren't so darn expensive. Your blog is the best, as always! 

Lara Jean said...

I asked for those glorious jeans for my b-day this year. I take it as a sign of my naivety for not realizing they were pretty much rent for 3 months :P Life is cruel hehe.

Ashley Nielson said...

mmmm, i've never been so excited about fall clothes!

Ashley Nielson said...

ooo, i'll have to check it out!

Ashley Nielson said...


jgilley1 said...

thanks for the post!


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