yogurt with a friend.


Yesterday I did something I hadn't done in a while.
I drove down the street of my childhood best friend.
As the wheels turned, a flood of emotion poured over me. I remembered the walks home from school. The canned food drives, the secrets shared in the alley...
I was sad those days were gone, grateful for God's gift of memory, and happy that right there at the end of the street, was my best friend to greet me.
She hopped in my car and we reminisced about the past, updated each other on our present, and still shared dreams about the future.

 After all, what are best friends for?

Kayaking at Tempe Town Lake.
Our First Dates.
Just being Champions.
Trips to Utah.
High School Graduation.
Exploring Ireland.


jenni austria germany said...

you look sooo young in some of those pics.
God's gift of memory - that's a good thing to be thankful for.

Lisa Travers said...

You've got to love memory lane! :D Love the pics too. 

Lauren Brimley said...

So sweet! <3

hillary henslee said...

you are the cutest ever. i just stumbled on your blog and im in love with it. you are great!! i live in gilbert and i think its a shame we arent friends. 
here's my blog.

Laura said...

That was sweet. I miss my best friends too. One of mine just passed recently, and it helps to think of all the happy memories that we shared!

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