{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Stop Staring!


Does this dress look familiar?
Perhaps you remember seeing it on the adorable Kristine a few weeks ago.
It is a wonderful dress from a wonderful rockabilly clothing store. 
It's comfy, long enough and adorable and it just rocks my world with a retro flare!
Plus it's nice and stretchy, so if you have a 'food baby' (or a small, real baby) it is oh-so-accommodating. 
(Please keep in mind, I am not pregnant, that was just a shout out to Sydney, not a clue into my personal life.)
You simply MUST check out their website!
It offers a wide range of sizes for Small to 3X, so all may partake.
They're dresses are a bit more expensive than I usually pay for a Sunday dress, but I sure wish I would have known about them back when I was looking for Homecoming/Prom/Bridesmaid Dresses and I'll definitely keep them in mind for future special events.
The Breakdown:
Dress: c/o Stop Staring!
Earrings: Target
Polka Dot Scarf: Forever21
Leopard Belt: Forever21
Flower Pin: Made by Me
Blue Suede Heels: Seychelles
Striped Purse: Aldo


Ashley said...

yesss i saw her in it! Im completely obsessed!

Ashley said...

you are adorable. the end. 

creativechelsea said...


Amanda Buckelew said...

This dress looks so classy on you!!

Wonder Forest said...

looks really great on you!!
xo dana

Missrashamarie said...

So cute

Highheelsandbubblegum said...

I love it and it fits you so well!  

sugarplumsara said...

I love how you both wore the same dress but totally made it your own! You each wore it completely different and I love Both versions! and um..I found this charming unicorn necklace on Etsy and thought of you! http://www.etsy.com/listing/48365141/the-unicorn-necklace 

Elaine Hearn said...

Adorable! I love the leopard-print-polka-dot mix with the flower! I may have to try the doubling prints thing with my belts!

Amy said...

I love this dress.  You look so pretty in it! I love what you did with the waist.

amy day to day

Jess said...

I'm diggin' the whole ensemble!

jenni austria germany said...

you, my dear, are just stunning.

Andrew and Noelle Ganem said...

Classy. Very cute!! 


Marie Photographie said...

This dress is so cute on you! So flattering! And I really love your shoes, too.

Notes She Wrote

Michelle said...

I love the belt! It is so creative and just plain adorable.


Sydneypoulton said...

Well you look ADORABLE!! I would get that exact dress for graduation this second if they didn't just have an XL. :( But that site is a gold mine treasure! Fab find!! I love!!

JB Lyons said...

Such a pretty dress. It fits all of my modesty criteria! 

Dani Shapiro said...

You look just as absolutely smashing in this as Kristine, and I LOVE your leopard/polka dot print mixing! You are stunning, as usual! :)

Laryssa Cabreira said...

I loved the dress and the blog, I'm lds of Brazil and I loved your blog about fashion! My English is bad, sorry haha: D

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