scenes from the ranch in new mexico.


The clouds for the entire trip were BREATHTAKING!
 porch swing with my cowboy.
 i was enamored by the family windmill.
 Scrapbook photos from when Marcus was 18ish. CUUUUTEYYYY!
 Desert Hike.
 Skit in a bag--men's team.
 The Skit Night Winners.
 Songs around the campfire.
 This chocolate cake was some of the best i ever had, then i found out it had mayonnaise in the recipe!
 Saltwaters: For Every Generation.
cute restroom stop.
The trip was just lovely. The scenes that surrounds us in every direction made me grateful to be alive. 
Isn't this world an amazing place?

What did you do this weekend?
Did you get a chance to check out my guest post about dating over here?
Happy August!


Sarabell said...

I love this! So awesome! And you know, I am ALWAYS hearing about how delicious mayonnaise cake is! Luckily I eat gluten free so I *hopefully* will never have to try it and find out. 

Buky Ogunleye said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!
I was in Dallas for Spring Break and it was so booooring!.
Well my BFF is a Boring Person :D

Taylor said...

I wanna know more about the game!!  I'm always looking for ideas for game nights... Details please! ;)

Dagirlfromjapan said...

Love it!

Dani Shapiro said...

You're right - New Mexico is the place for me if dinos are involved! :)
P.S. I love wearing my Salt Waters to work and having the kids get excited when they match me!

Christi Brazee said...

i have the same red boots! i love love love them! i found them at a antique store and my grandpa bought them for me. cute post :)

Alexis Kaye said...

what a fun weekend. Me and my hubby went to a cabin on the rim this weekend. SO fun! I concluded that I'm a mountain girl :) I love the photo of you and Marcus' boots! :)

Tiera Kawaiola said...

Awesome! One of my best friends lived in NM for all of 6 months, and I wish I had to visit him while he was there!

Erica Jenkins said...

looks like an amazing time!! i sure love new mexico!  those dino's at the rock shop are by far my favorite thing to see while driving to there. whenever we saw them we knew are driving was almost up. love it!!!

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