{Wardrobe} Wednesday: SlipShop


Do You Believe in Magic?
 Obviously, you must know that I do!
Magic comes in all forms:
It might be a beautiful unicorn in a forest, or it might just be a genius fashion line that makes a slightly-shorter-than-you want-dress instantly longer and even cuter than you'd thought possible!

Behold, my favorite new magic fashion trick:

how to make a gif

The Breakdown:
Gingham Top: Banana Republic Sale Rack
Green Dress: Dillard's @ Fiesta
Leopard Belt: Forever21
Flower Pin: Made by me
Slip-Extender: c/o A Slip Shop
Orange Heels: DSW
Gold Bracelet: Favor Jewelry

Tomorrow morning is the last day to enter this cute giveaway!


Ashley said...

ahhh A Slip Shop is amazzzzzing!!!!! I need to get one so bad!

Lena Baird said...

I recently purchased a few slips from their shop... so cute! And such a fun way to change up an outfit!

Aubrey Chevrier said...

So cute! My grandma made me a couple slips like that to make dresses that I bought before I got baptized to be more mormon approved :)

caitlin said...

Wow! I love your flower pin. When I scrolled down to read where it was from I expected it to be from Emerson made. I hope you do a tutorial. Its so pretty!

Amy said...

I looked at that shop recently and I NEED to get one! You can wear a lot more skirts and dresses with slips like that underneath!

JB Lyons said...

I've been wanting a slip from A Slip Shop for a while! I frequently pass up cute dresses because they simply aren't long enough. It also adds a little extra flair to an outfit. I love how you wore it!

Amanda Buckelew said...

I need me tons of this!! pronto!

Aslipshop said...

LOVE the outfit you paired our slip with! Thanks for featuring it, you look gorgeous!

KJHartenstein said...

CUTE shoes!

Holly Keenan said...

The colors you have going on here are crazy good together! I love everything about this :)

Bri said...

brilliant! love how the slip transforms the entire look, just like magic :)

brittneynsmart said...

i LOOOOOVE a slip shop! (kaity was my college roommate, of all the small-worldness.) this looks fabulous on you, ashley.

Aubrey said...

cute, quirky little outfit! I too love layering slips under my too short dresses :)

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