{Wardrobe} Wednesday: GAP


I few weeks ago Marcus and I got this amazing GAP coupon what gave us 30 or 40% off our order, so we bought ourselves some summer essentials (after living in Rexburg so long, Marcus was seriously lacking in warm weather attire):
I'm majorly in love with this outfit. I love the beachy casualness of it, and it's a nice change from all his plaid tops.
The Breakdown:
Striped Oxford Button-Up: GAP $23 with coupon
Grey Jeans: Zara $38
Mint Tennies: H&M $17
Timex Camper: Amazon $30

I used some grad money and bought these salmon skimmers. I can't stop wearing them. 
They're so comfy and cool.
The Breakdown:
White V-Neck: Gap Sale Rack $8
Gold Necklace: EmersonMade gift from NieNie
Leather Bracelet: Target, Borrowed
Navy Leather Belt: Vintage, Mom's
Salmon Skimmers: Gap with coupon $32
Striped Bag: H&M $29
Gold Gladiators: Ross $9

Click the link to see all the great color options:


Cassandra Nafziger said...

Super cute! 

Aubrey Chevrier said...

 yay for new clothes and coupons! The best combination! I love both of these outfits!

Kileen said...

very cute skimmers!!  i love the fun coral color and even better that you got them at a discount!

cute & little

jeneal clyde said...

 Love you guy's style!! :D 

Ashley said...

Nothing better than coupons! You guys look comfy & casual, but still really stylish. Great job! :)

kelsey williams said...

Great style and photos!

jenni austria germany said...

with the salmon.

Autumn said...

These photos always make me want to live in Arizona so bad.

giveaway! :)

Chelsea Trunnell said...

 Sweet Jedi braid.  

I love that outfit.  So perfect for summer.  Except it's snowing here right now.  I covet your fields with sunshine.

Celeste Alphabetsoup said...

 o goodness i love your pants! i just did a post a while back about that color of pants. haha they're next on my hit list of things i need to buy.

giveaway over at AlphabetSoup Style

Missrashamarie said...

love those pants!

Katherine Beckstead said...

 loving your pants! seriously in love.


Chloe_rushworth said...

 Love the colour of those pants. SO cute.

C x

Garnishwiththebizarre said...

 Ye are both lovely well! Great choices and economical too!

Leah said...

I seriously love you. I work at GAP and I thought those salmon colored pants... were basically horrible, but YOU! You look great in them and are the first person I have seen in them that can completely pull them off! I love them on you! You're adorable

BrittniWLFM said...

I love the color of those pants! And I really like Marcus' shirt. I was just in Gap the other day and I didn't see that in the mens section. I'll have to find it online. You look adorable as always :)

xx, Brittni

Bekah said...

LOVE the skimmers! Great buy, love the deals!

Jannabogert said...

This is my first visit and y'all are too cute!! great outfits!

Haley Kjar said...

 loving BOTH outfit! his shirt and shoes ROCK :)  and your pants are fab...along with your golden sandals...and your sa-weet hair :)

Natasha St John said...

I absolutely LOVE your gap finds! ahh those salmon skimmers! want them! so nice!

Rachel said...

Hey there! I love those pants...they are so lovely.  What I really wanted to say was thanks for doing some men's fashion, too.  I just got engaged and have been trying to help my fiance get some new clothes as he has literally not bought anything since before his mission and I realised I have no idea where to start with men's clothes. (but duh, H&M!) any other thoughts? 

Rosie posy said...

 i love love the pants. gorgeous colour! x

cardiganempire said...

Tell Marcus he looks very snappy.  And I already told you I covet your pants :)

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