Tell Me, Have You Seen Them?


My sponsors, that is?
They're really great.
You should check them out!

Here's a little bit about them:
Close to My Heart
Beth is a sweet mother of four addddorrable children, she is an artist, a wife, a gardener, a vintage dress wearer, and along with all of that she is a woman who has a story to tell. 
If you or someone you know has ever struggled with an eating disorder, she shares some very inspiring and insightful personal stories on her blog. Go on over, and say hello!
Kristie is a a beautiful girl on a noble mission! She's created herself a bucket list and has some really admiral goals. She loves to live a colorful life and documents it well in her 'Project 365'--a picture a day :)
Definitely a blog worth perusing! 
I'm gonna keep this simple.
Super, super cheap, super, super cute clothes. 
Shipping can be a beast, but if you get a few friends together and do a joint order, it's most certainly worth it!
Go, go, go! 
We Love Colors
We Love Colors has tights/socks/leggings/sports bra in just about EVERY color you can think of. It's a rainbow lovers dream and with prices that will knock those plain old white socks right off your feet!
This really is a must visit site!! You'll thank me later :)
College is great, but it doesn't necessarily teach us how to deal with The Real World.  There are no classes that  cover 401ks, credit card debt, networking or making friends once you're out of the dorms.  And isn't that a pity?  Four years, fifty thousand dollars and zero courses on how to navigate the next sixty years of your life.
Never fear, friends!  We're here to rectify that.  The Post College Survival Kit is an eight-week ecourse that will teach you the things that college didn't.  Our teachers (Sarah Von, Alex Franzen, Marie Joseph, Sally McGraw and Sarah Storer) are all experts in their fields and bona-fide college survivors.  We're going to talk about loan consolidation and forgiveness, cover letters and internships, grad school, dating, questionable landlords.  
Our course takes place on a members-only blog and includes a 60-page downloadable workbook, four one-hour Vokle webinars and a private message board.  If you're a current college student, a recent grad or just someone who's floundering about in the murky waters of 'modern adulthood', we might just be the survival kit you need!

Do I really need to introduce this gal? Hello, she's amazingspice! She sees beauty everywhere she goes and she brings us along with her via her magificiant photography.
She's hilarious, beautiful, a master thrifter, a fantastic home decorator, a Beatles lover, and an overall inspiration in my life. 
If you haven't been over to her blog yet--you MUST go now.
It's no longer an option.


Staci said...

 Question- How in the world do you order from Wholesale Dress?  They don't give you size options?! P.S. Love your blog! So glad I found it! Any tips on getting sponsors for my blog? I'm in AZ too!  

Dawn Jones said...

love all the clothes from wholesale dress, but i can't buy any of there stuff because i have huge boobs apparently. 75 cm for the bust? REALLY... i'm 97 cm around.. makes me feel like a giant cow.

ilene said...

you have some fantastic sponsors! love those socks from we love colors.
have a lovely weekend, ashley :) 

jenni austria germany said...

i love we love colors.  because i love colors.  and i love people who love colors.

Mrs. Skvortsov said...

I'm with staci. How the heck do u order from wholesale dress. Free size? What is that? Love Ur sponsors BTW.

Bethall said...

 You're sweet. I love sponsoring your blog! xo

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