Scenes from a Spring Weekend.


Saturday was lame. 
I got all dolled up for a date and when I came into the kitchen Marcus was already eating. 
Apparently, we didn't communicate very well, as I figured we'd go out to eat. 

Once I got over that, we decided to go to a pet store and pretend we were going to buy one, so the employees would let us play with them. But as it turns out the pet shop at Fiesta Mall closed down and by the time we found that out all others had closed. Boo.

I pouted in the car for a few minutes and them decided I deserved a reward after such numerous let downs. 
Poor Me, right?
My reward was going to be a deliciously sinful dessert from Claim Jumpers. 
We accidentally ordered a Chocolate and Ice-Cream Calzone that was scrumptious, but totally and completely owned us. 
The portions there are gargantuous. 
Then we rented a movie from Redbox, but fell asleep within the first 5 minutes...
When did we turn into old people?

Luckily, May Day ended up being so beautiful. 
We got a last minute dinner invite from Ma and Pa Nielson for a DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN meal. 
Seriously, this was another one of those "Oh man, I hope I'm going to like this..." and then I end up loving it.  Apparently, that happens to me a lot.
It's always so beautiful at the in-laws house, but especially in the springtime when all of Mary's garden is in bloom. 
After complimenting this flower, she sent me home with my own bouquet for May Day!
Luckily I had just the vase to put it in :)
Any Exciting Plans for the Week?
I'm hoping to do some watercoloring and take a bike ride around Tempe Town Lake...


Rebecca Hammond said...

I always get the chocolate cake from Claim Jumper and I always regret it. Even sharing it you can never finish it! This skirt is gorgeous. And I love the belt!

Johanna said...

You look so so classy with those clothes!
I'm looking for a graduation dress, having my driving test and hopefully get to tan a little bit this week.
I hope your's will be great!

Kenzie said...

That outfit is so classic and springy! I love claimjumpers unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) they're not in Colorado

Gentrilee said...

In love with that pitcher!!! Seriously. :)

Aiketa said...

Everyday I am more convinced that I want to have some day in my garden some rosebushes. They make beautiful flowers.
I really do have exciting plans for this week. First, a final exam on Wednesday. And then to the exciting part, I am going to perform with my theater group the play we've been preparing since last october on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I just hope we have great audience all these days! I am nervous!

Alexis Kaye said...

I submit that one of the worst things ever is thinking you're going to go out to eat, then you don't. Because it's like my favorite thing to do! I love that recipe, but it looks incredibly complicated! My husband is going to starve. and i LOVE your outfit! And love that you're in Arizona now and I know exactly how wonderfully beautiful water coloring would be at Tempe Town Lake. I got engaged there. At sunset :) it's lovely.

Rachel Dell said...

hahaha, i'm sorry you didn't actually end up going on a date with your husband but it's still kind of funny. boys are silly. sounds like a pretty good night, though, once everything stopped being disappointing. and those flowers are super pretty.

angela hardison said...

you look so adorable in that photo. hooray for may day and flowers and being old people (i think it's pretty great sometimes).

Autumn said...

That vase is perfect for those flowers! Devin and I do the eating before the date thing to each other all of the time haha

Monica said...

That skirt is amazing. Haha. Your date night sounds exactly like one of ours. Communication is key, and I'm not quite sure we have learned that, yet.
Ask the Duplex

namasterenee said...

Goodness gracious I love your skirt! I also love how well the colors in the first and last photos go together. Glad you had a lovely weekend, and I do hope you'll share your watercoloring adventures if you end up doing that this week...

:o) Renée

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