Reposted: In Honor of Mother's Day


I was born a surprise. 
I call myself a Love Child. 
I was conceived by unadulterated love rather than precise intention.

My parents always wanted a big family. Seven children later they thought they had accomplished such a feat. 
For six years my older sister, Leisel, happily filled the role of baby of the family—coddled and esteemed, she was content to be the last.

My mother was 43 years old when the news came. 
Her whole life, she had never been wrong (about anything) and this case was no different. 
For you see, as a little girl, eight was always her number. The very sound of seven was the one reality that never quite sat well with her. 
So while the baby was “unexpected” or “unintended” 
it certainly was not “unplanned.
 For her, the planning had happened long before, in the past, back in a time when she lived life in “pretend”. She had only forgotten about this plan for a little while, that’s all. 

So when she found out she was pregnant, she only looked up, nodded her head and said, that’s right
For others I was a surprise, for her I was an elapsed dream, realized.
I was born to women who could be my grandmother and I shared a birthday with a brother who was old enough to be my father. A strange life—yes, but one I can’t imagine wanting any different. 
I do not have memories of my siblings’ t-ball games or dance recitals, but I have a charming relationship with each of them untainted by youthful quarrels. 
My father may not have been able to pick me up and throw me on his back as we ran around the yard, but he had come to a maturity that was temperate and wise. 
My mother did not take me out to get chocolate ice cream with her because she was having a menstrual craving, but she had the good old fashion skills to teach me how to bake and sew. 
My parents may not be around to see me have my last child, but I got to live a life unique to that of my friends, unique to even that of my siblings.
I got to be my parents very own Love Child.


Mugdha said...

This is such a sweet story. Happy Mother's Day to your mommy!

Megan Robinson said...

I love this! Based on this definition I would be a love child too and so would my little baby (though I had him young instead of older) since we were both unplanned but born entirely out of love. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story!

Michelle McClure said...

I always knew you were the baby, but I don't think I put all the pieces together! What a lovely post!

RelatableStyle said...

Oh, having older parents is not a bad thing :-) My dad was almost 40 when I was born, and I wouldn't change a thing about him. And when my mom was 40 (and my dad 54!) they had another child, my brother. That's just how life goes sometimes... Plus, my mother herself has a sister 13 years her junior (and no other siblings inbetween).

Jessica said...

That's so special. :) My husband's story is similar, except that he has no older siblings. His parents had actually been married for 16 years and had decided that God just didn't want them to have children when they found out they were expecting. I say that God knew exactly what He was doing, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have met and married my husband if he'd been 15-16 years older!

By the way, you look so much like that first picture of your mother!

Nikki Berezay said...

What a sweet post, I so enjoyed reading it!

girluntitled said...

i loved this! everyone has their own unique mother and it's wonderful to hear their thank you!

Emilyannelewis said...

Thanks Ash! Our little Primary struggles but its the thought that counts!!! I didnt even know you were there! I have to head to primary pretty quickly after Sacrament so sorry I missed ya!!

Rebekah said...

I am like you in terms of my family in a lot of ways. I have five older siblings, and the closest sister to me is almost eight years older. My situation in the family is so different from most people. But I love it and would never want to change it.
Such a sweet post!

Erin said...

My mom was 47 when I was born and my closest sibling is 12 years ahead. I think being the caboose is the best way to do it. Very sweet:)

Mel Dickerson said...

Um, this post made me cry. What a precious thing to be your parents love child.

Iheartmesa said...

My sister-in-law came along when my mother-in-law was 46 and my husband was on his mission. I tease my mother-in-law that she had Lilly for me. At 12 she is the best aunt ever.
Oh, and kinda weird, but everytime I watch Tangled with my four little girls, Rapunzel reminds me of "unicorn Ashley." Maybe it's your long hair.

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