Aye yi yi, thank you sweet friends who suggested we eat at the Haunted Burger. 
I'm not a big meat eater, but I've been having the strangest burger cravings this month, and this delicious burger+twice-baked potato really hit the spot!
Marcus' steak fries were also some of the best I've ever had!
Hopefully someday we'll get to stay at this hotel during the Halloween season. 
My favorite holiday+friends+haunted hotel=well, you do the math.
LLLOVE these girls!
and especially this boy.
We stopped in at the brothel-turned-gift-shop, but um, turns out there's still some pretty scandalous stuff in there. So if you're ever in Jerome, enter at your own risk... 
Marcus and I really enjoyed our Thrifty's ice-cream cone (perhaps the best mint-chip I've ever had)
But not as much as Ted enjoyed his. It was like a love affair going on with him and that cone.
Lauren and Ted wore matching beatles shirts while Marcus and I wore matching Sperries.
Aren't we just the cutest couple of couples?
Or maybe just the dorkiest...

This restaurant was built in the 1880's and everything is still original expect for the counter-top. It was so charming and if we ever go back to Jerome, I vote we patronize this place.

On our way home Ted, Lauren, Marcus and I pulled off at this little shop that had billboards for it's "Famous Pies" and seeing as it was my half birthday, it only seemed reasonable that the four of us just have at an entire coconut cream pie. It was delicious and we had no shame.

What a great trip with great friends.
Thanks Ted and Lauren for inviting us to tag along on this grand adventure!


Liesl said...

Such wonderful and true advice!  Glad you had such a fun time...you could tell in all your lovely pictures!  That burger looks delish...I've been having pizza cravings and plan to curb that this week! ;)

Liesl :)

Chelseabird said...

Looks like a fun trip! I haven't been to Jerome in years, but would love to go back! I'm not much of a meat eater either, but I'm definitely interested in going to the Haunted Hamburger! 

PS That pie place is my all-time favorite! Best pie ever!

jenni austria germany said...

you're makin' me wanna move to the us of a, girl.

AshleeNeva said...

You had Thrifty's ice cream?! I am so jealous: I grew up on that stuff. My favorite was always a double stack mint-n-chip and chocolate malted crunch. You can't find that flavor anywhere. (Believe me, I've tried.) Love these pictures of places you go + what you wore. It makes me want to get up and travel!


Aubrey Chevrier said...

That looks amazing! What a cool town!

Amber said...

Looks like it was a great time :) Sounds like some seriously yummy food, too! I love your blog. Your banner is so cool!

Buky said...

OMG you guys are so dorky!
Thanks for the Inspiration!http://districtoffashion.blogspot.com/Ps: Giveaway on my blog. 

e.day said...

loove sperries. and seriously? everything original from the 1880s? that's like living in my dream world. 

cardiganempire said...

Have I ever told you that Andy and I decided to adopt in Jerome?  I think Coco's baby ghostie must have been there.

Mugdha said...

This whole trip just sounds like it was so fun and adorable! You certainly do more exploring the state than I ever have, and it's making me see it in a whole new light!

cardiganempire said...

Sister, where did you get your pink gingham button-up?  And may I duplicate your purchase?

angela hardison said...

i love your matching sperries and your top, a lot.

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