{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Coral


If you saw my guest post earlier this week, then you know what inspired this outfit. 
I really loved this shoot, the lighting was ideal, and the weather was nice--which if you've ever lived in Rexburg, you know what a rarity that is. 
Too bad I have a pole sticking out of my head.
We drove down this road just about everyday to get to Jack and Jenny's and everytime I thought about what a great photo location it would be, so on one of our last days in Idaho, my dreams finally came true!
Thanks Marcus, for being so accommodating :)
Now I really miss Jenny :(
What Are Your Easter Plans?

The Breakdown:
Striped Cardigan: Banana Republic Outlet Sale $15ish
Bangly Necklace: Forever21 $5ish
Silk Top: Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange $12ish
Gold Bracelet: EmersonMade gift from NieNie
Leather Belt: J.Crew Sale $19ish
Metalic Skirt: Homemade by me from vintage fabric
Leather Flats: Dillards @ Fiesta Sale $9ish


Cassandra Nafziger said...

These colors are so gorgeous together! Great outfit & your husband is awesome for taking photos for you, lol. Love it! Such a pretty place--

Gentrilee said...

Adorable outfit! I really like your ring (your wedding ring is pretty too, but I mean the one on your right hand) :) Where did you get it? Is it moonstone?

Alexis Kaye said...

That outfit is adorable! And you are so gorgeous! How on earth are you comfortable enough to wear such cute clothes all day? Do you just take picturs, post them, and then change into PJS? Heck, that's what I would do.


speakingfromthesole said...

I think I saw that necklace at forever 21 the other day (: very cute! check out my jewelry giveaway at http://speakingfromthesole.blogspot.com

Paulina Slobodan said...

love the little braid in your hair!
This Easter my fam is full out honouring our Ukrainian heritage with a feast of Borscht, cabbage rolls and homemade pierogies! Should be grand :) Happy Easter!

a classic situation

Lena Baird said...

Love the skirt! I must learn how to sew! I fall in love with so many fabrics, but would have no idea how to make outfits out of them! Great pics!


Chloe_rushworth said...

This is just gorgeous. That skirt is fab. Hubs are great for photo taking right?

C x


Heather Lynne said...

The skirt is the best part! Beautiful colors :)

Liesl said...

Loving the little braid in your hair and I am a big fan of coral! I hope you have a lovely Easter!

Liesl :)

jenni-austria-germany said...

maybe NieNie wants to give me something emerson made, too. maybe?

and i just read the post about your parents, below. trust me, i can relate! i miss my parents a lot and have those "maybe i'm about to start my period/i have tears streaming down my face" moments where i think to myself that surely i am too old to miss them this much.

Mindy Thornley said...

How do you do all your fabulous shopping? I've been to Rexburg so I know it isn't there. :)

aubreyaleah said...

I love these photos!

Alex Halladay said...

love love love that skirt. ahh

Aubrey Chevrier said...

So random question that has nothing to do with this post... I added disqus to my blog, and I synched the comments and that worked--they show up-- but they all say 0 comments. How did you get yours to not do that? Sorry for asking on here :)

Jack Thomas said...

Haha I have been MIA in the blogging world lately. First week of classes, and having to work has been stressful. But I am sure I will get used to it. Well just now I was thinking.."I miss Ashley, I am gonna go look at her blog." Turns out you miss me too!!! Haha It is a beautiful day here in Rexburg. And I even had to turn the AC on in the car (but in the morning I had to scrape a thick layer of ice on my windshield). Go figure. Well the point is, I wish you and Marcus could have been here so we could have gone and played tennis or had a mini bonfire. The only good thing about you not being around is that I have lost 4 Lbs! :) Well I dont know why I wrote this much. But I miss you Ash!

Aubrey Chevrier said...

uhh ignore that. I think magic elves came in the night and fixed it :) that sounds perfectly logical right? Sorry about that. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!! xoxo

goodframeofmind said...

These pictures are beautiful - such great scenery with the mountains in the background. Hope you have a very Happy Easter

MJ said...

Coral. One of my wedding colors!
Hahah "too bad I have a pole sticking out my head" Not as bad as going to Washington DC and having the Washington Monument sticking out of your head in all the photos, and of course not noticing until you're home.

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