A Winner.

The lucky winner of this giveaway is Austrie.
email me for details!

I had big outfit searching plans for my Wednesday, but instead I spent it eating a glorious french toast breakfast with my sisters at Crackers & Co., getting my hair done, trying the best sushi of my life (Sushi Ave.), and hanging out with old friends. 
4 inches gone.
California Crunch.
Can you spot the Cardinal pride?
Eh, Thursdays always make better outfit hunting days, anyway.

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  1. that sushi looks amazing - it's making me so hungry. and your hair looks lovely!

  2. Sushi! I love that word. It is always hard to find great sushi so far from the coast, but we have some faves in Utah, go figure! You say 4" of hair like it is nothing. You cut that off of mine and I would be bald! You look stunning, I am sure.

  3. old friends + crackers&co=so so lovely:) Glad you made it safely back to good ol AZ!

  4. is that peter!? haha. i'm glad you made it safely to mesatown!!

  5. oh thank you! seriously if you're ever in the area you must go!

  6. haha ya well i haven't cut it in a LONG time! it really needed it

  7. Everyone has been putting sushi on their blogs lately and it makes me so hungry!

    Is four inches of hair a good thing or a traumatic experience for you? I've had it go both ways.

  8. CRACKERS IS MY FAVORITE!!! My birthday is Monday and you best be believing where I'm going for my birthday lunch!!!


  9. Cute cute pictures, Ash! You are so gorgeous. I bet you cannot wait till you get to move your little butt back here. How long are you here for? I'm not going to the AZ blogger meet up but maybe we can meet up...at Target...hahaha! Or something like that.

  10. Alexa, I'm so sad I haven't had ANY time. I seriously need one ashley to live down here and socialize and one to be a wife and student in Idaho! next time we come (in about 3 weeks) we MUST get together!

  11. Hi!
    I just found your blog and I have to ask you about your haircolor! I love it! It doesn't look like the typical highlighted blond mop I see everywhere (including on my own head)...so please share: is it an allover color? straight bleach? please don't tell me its all natural or I might have to scream...


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