{Top Five} Friday


{Top Five}
Christmas Gifts Received 
Over My Life Time:
(from my parents)
When I was about 9 years old, all I wanted was a puppy for Christmas. I was about half way through unwrapping presents when someone rang our doorbell holding this basket full of blankets. They told me to answer it. The guy holding the basket lifted the blanket to reveal this tiny ball of fluff. At first I thought it was a guinea pig and as hard as i tried to act gracious, i did not want a rodent...Once I realized my puppy dreams were coming true I burst into tears. It was so exciting!
2.Vintage Record Play
(from one of my best friends in High School)
This gift was awesome. My friend found this record player at the thrift store, he bought it for me, refinished it, fixed the needle, got me records, and snuck it into my room so I would be totally surprised. I still love it!
3. 1970s Mood Ring
(from my sister, Leisel)
In high school I wanted to mood-ring so bad, but all the ones you can buy now are sort of cheezy in my opinion, so i was always looking, never satisfied. 
Then one year I got this small box from Leisel and when I opened it I was so surprise! Not only did I love the ring, but even more I loved that she knew how much i wanted one. I had no idea she knew. It was really special. She's such a good sister.
4. Vintage Hawkeye Brownie Camera
(from Marcus last year)
This was our first Christmas together and I could tell he was stressed about what to get me. My birthday's in November and he had gotten me this rad present that I was in love with and I could tell he was worried no Christmas present would live up to the standard he had set. I told him he seriously didn't need to get me anything. When he came over Christmas afternoon he handed my this beautifully wrapped box and inside was this darling camera. Needless to say, I was very impressed. He's so good.
(from one of my best friends in college)
I went to the shooting range with a friend and saw this book. It was so funny and I mentioned that I wanted it. Time went on, like along time, and we didn't really see each other anymore. I was in Utah for Christmas that year and the unwrapping was over. Then my sister pointed to the corner of the room. It was "From Santa" but once I opened it, I knew who it was really from. I love thoughtful gifts. They make me cry.

okay, as I was writing this one of my favorite people on the planet dropped this off:
Isn't "Miss" Jenee Wright Prince fantastic?!

Now, Your Turn! 
p.s. I just saw this crafty 
{top 5} and almost died. That first one??? 
So cute.
Merry Christmas Eve, Good Luck Wrapping Gifts!


kylee said...

looove this post. my top five:
1] the entire seinfeld set on dvd
2] a trip to disneyland
3] new camera
4] a bike. i got so excited i twisted my ankle.
5] pepper. it was a gag gift from my uncle that turned into a yearly tradition.

merry christmas!

nicole ...given said...

ok my shih tzu puppy is up there too and he is totally chilling next to me right now. his name is dodger he rocks my socks.

ps. can you give a tutorial on how you did your hair over >>>> hurr at the top.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i love, love, love this pic of you.

angela hardison said...

i think my gift this year (for birthday/christmas) is definitely my favorite. new camera/lens! yay.

Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

Both my favorite presents are from this year! My boyfriend got me two orange cats for my birthday in March, and my mom bought me a diamond ring for graduation! Oh, 2010, how I will miss you.

ashley in wonderland said...

kylee-okay, pepper?! haha
nicole--aren't shih tzu's so sweet?
angela--that is so exciting. my mom gave us money to buy a flash, i'm stoked! camera stuff is the best.
ari-diamonds! gotta love the sparkle :)

angela hardison said...

i think my gift this year (for birthday/christmas) is definitely my favorite. new camera/lens! yay.

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