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After this post, some of you lovelies asked about my 
Shampoo & Conditioner preferences. 
I felt quite inadequate to answer that question because my shampoo and conditioner choice usually involves roaming the hair product isle of Target, looking at an array of bottles, opening a few that look nice, and buying the one that is relatively cheap and smells the best. 
Luckily, for you curious readers, I have a very close connection to someone who tries all the good stuff on all sorts of hair-types! 
So, thanks to my insanely talented hairdresser/sister I shall share with you all the fantastic things I've learned:
Taming the Lion’s Mane (for Frizz/Curl)
Matrix: sleek.look
Schwarzkopf: BC Bonacure
Smooth Control
Avoid the "Fade Out" (keep the color in)
Pureology: Antifade Complex Shampoo & Conditioner
What’s the Damage? (for Fried Tresses) 
Schwarzkopf: BC Bonacure 
Repair Rescue & Conditioner
Lose the Bump-It (try this instead) 
KMS California addvolume shampoo & gel conditioner
She's in Serious Condition(er)
Keratin Complex
Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner


Ari- Audrey Onassis said...

I've never heard of most of these- your sister must be hardcore!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ummm...TERRIBLE story for you. i got a lot of pureology for Christmas (it's my fav but so expensve - plus can't buy it here) and when i was flying from munich to poland a couple of days ago, i put all 4 bottles in the wrong bag (the carry on, not the checked) and had to THROW THEM ALL AWAY AT SECURITY....i asked if i could go back and switch my luggage around but it was too late. i literally wanted to cry. i called my bf (who i was going to visit in poland) and while he was very sweet, i don't think he truly got how serious this is...i mean, that's like $100!!!!

ashley in wonderland said...

jenni--that story is too tragic. i can't even believe its true! so sorry :(

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