Clothes Make the (Wo)man; Naked People Have Little to No Influence On Society

After our delicious Bagley Family Dinner we headed over to the Nielson's house for a visit. 
I entered the guest bathroom to "powder my nose" and suddenly had a flash back to one of the first times I found myself at a Nielson Family Dinner: 
 I had drunk quite a bit of water that evening, and I needed to use the restroom. I got in there and attempted to lock the door. I tried and tried, but it was no use. 
The relationship was too new for me to just go out there and ask Marcus to help me lock the door, so I surrendered and just hoped no one would walk in on me. 
It was then that I realized I was wearing this jumpsuit, 
and in order to use the restroom I would have to take everything off--leaving me, in an unlocked room, sitting on the toilet in only a bra, at my new boyfriend's house, with more than 20 people who could at any minute get the urge to use the lou...wow
Suddenly, I really wished that door would lock.
By this time, I had been in there for a while and I started to panic. 
People would start to wonder what had happened to me. I needed to act, and I needed to act fast.
So, I took a gulp, and stripped down. 
My heart was pounding and my legs got shaky as I vigilantly watched the door. I peed as quickly as I could and immediately began to re-dress. Just as I zipped myself up, one of the youngsters twisted the handle, my heart jumped, but it was fine now. I had made it. It was almost too close for comfort, but I had miraculously avoided possibly the most awkward situation ever...and that is what I am grateful for today.

Anything Crazy Happen At Your Family Dinner?

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  1. Thank goodness you made it!! Those are the stories that go down in history though :)

  2. oh my gosh that is way too hilarious to be true. gotta love those awkward situations...

  3. Haha this story is hilarious. I have also not managed to lock the door at other people's houses. It's horrible! I'm glad you avoided a very awkward situation :)

  4. well, in related news, that jumpsuit is adorable!

  5. Hahahhahahhaahhhaa. This story made my day !

  6. so funny! i love the little things that we all can be thankful for

  7. What a funny story!! I'm so glad you survived, that could have been beyond awkward. ;) Also, it's a very cute jumpsuit!

  8. This is great, thanks for sharing! I can't imagine being at my husbands house (when the relationship was new) and surviving the same situation (He is one of 5 brothers)!

  9. Hahahhahahhaahhhaa. This story made my day !

  10. well, in related news, that jumpsuit is adorable!


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