Oh, Deer!


Today I was supposed to be reading two very extensive chapters about Technology, Science & Society and then writing an insightful and opinionated discussion post on whether technology affects/controls how our society progresses or society controls how technology affects us. Gripping, I know. Instead I did this:
Isn't my bedspread darling?
I'm sure the discussion board would have been truly stimulating and yet, I'm almost positive I enjoyed listening to Whitney Houston (The Guardian Soundtrack) and painting kindly creatures found in my backyard even more.

In other news, my dad's surgery went "perfectly." He is very sore, but doing well.

May your day be glorious and your weekend even better. Go do something creative--it feels good!


Lauren said...

I am so glad your dad's surgery went well! I was praying for him!

Um. Can I pay you to paint me a duplicate of that? I am serious.

Becky said...

Hello, I totally LOVE your painting. Beautiful, beautiful.

And of course we are so relieved and grateful that the surgery went well. Now for the hard part, recovery, and even harder, giving up the wicked duo Mr. Sanders/Mr. Silver.

Maddie Bagley said...

Love it!!!! How big is it?...

nicole hatfield said...

wow that is fabulous!

nicole hatfield said...

wow that is fabulous!

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