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Since finding out we're expecting boy number two, I've been asking myself what items we'll actually really need. He's due around the same time of year as Simon, so most of the newborn clothes we have should work just fine for him. But a part of me is itching to "prepare" or "nest" so I thought just a FEW new items wouldn't hurt, right?! Of course when I started pursuing the baby cubby's beautifully curated website, a "few" turned into a little more than I was expecting and my wishlist got a little out of hand! Oops! Promise I won't buy it all...

It's pretty rare to find a shop that has so many things you connect with and is free of all the...junk you don't! That's exactly what I found at the baby cubby, probably because the cubby team is made up of real parents, who know, test and use these products themselves. They know they're the best and safest available, plus they offer free shipping and price matching--EVEN AMAZON! I don't know about you, but I love supporting small businesses over Amazon whenever I can, and when they're price matching, why wouldn't you?

Here is a group of my very favorites, some are tried and true by me and Simon (like Tubby Todd Natural Wash & Lotion and the machine washable Lorena Canal Rugs) and some are new goodies I hope to try out on #babyboynumber2 come February-- (I got my eye on you, DockATot!)

I'd love to hear some of your favorite baby items or things you learned about buying for your second child! Did you feel like you didn't get to nest as much?
Minimalist Baby Wishlist

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Rosie said...

FIrstly, congratulations!

What I learned when I had my 2nd (over 2 decades ago now), is that you definitely don't need as much stuff, but also that it is easier to be choosy, because you know what will/won't work for you. Of course, each child is different (#1 LOVED being swaddled, #2 went the other way), but overall, the second time was far more relaxed. Sleep deprivation is no less though, in fact, at times it was worse.............

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