Day Five: Oregon Coast


marcus is handsome!!!
nothing like a little sibling ninja fight on the beach when you're 22 weeks pregnant... :)
We decided to drive straight to the coast on our trek to Portland. We were excited when my brother, Jason and sister-in-law, Jill + kids called us and said they would meet us there for a day at the beach.

The drive was beautiful, but nothing could prepare us for the charm that awaited us in Cannon Beach. I felt like I had entered dreamland as we drove around looking for a place to park--seriously, no cuter beach town exists! The shingles on the houses, the giant hydrangeas, the adorable doggies on leashes around every corner! I was so happy to be there!

Things only get better as we made our way down to the water. The giant beach is basically untouched--no piers or shops mucking things up and the haystack rocks coming out of the water! It was just everything.

The energy on the beach was so positive, it seemed like everywhere we looked there was someone playing fetch with their in-heaven doggy friend. We missed Poppy a lot that day and wished she could be with us on the beach enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.

After spending some time alone on the beach, we met up with Jason and Jill and spent the day talking and playing in the water. As the sun got low, we headed to a little restaurant and had dinner. We finished up just in time to run to the cutest little candy shop for some salt water taffy and to watch the sun set into the water. It was really the perfect day and Marcus and I left convinced that this was the place we wanted to move!

Logistics of that plan are a little tough, since it's a super tiny town, but the houses are surprisingly affordable and since Marcus is a nurse, surely there must be a hospital somewhere near by! Oh man, I hope we can make it happen, even just for a few years--Cannon was seriously so dreamy!


Sarah44 said...

The picture of you guys holding hands looks so cool!

Beverly Houpt said...

What a dream location! And those rocks.
That's the nice thing about being a nurse- jobs are easier to find.

Lacey Horst said...

cannon beach is BY FAR the best beach in oregon. it's our favorite, for sure. we're pretty fortunate to live only a few hours away and it always makes me so happy cursing on into that quaint, picturesque town. love it there. so happy y'all got to enjoy it. c;

Brandi said...

Can I jump in these photos?? Wow so beautiful!

Jessica Wilson said...

Ashley! What camera is THIS??? IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

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