Love is Grand.


Last week Marcus and i celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. We unfortunately both had to work on the actual day, but we decided that weekend would be good enough for celebrations--so Friday night we went out and had a delicious steak dinner and Saturday we planned to take a day trip somewhere cooler (in more than ways than one) than Mesa.
Saturday morning I woke up and asked Marcus where he thought we should go--we named a few places we had been before, like Flagstaff, Prescott, or Sedona, but then Marcus said, "Ashley, you were born and raised in Arizona and you've never been to the Grand Canyon--that's where we need to go!" He made a compelling we threw some things in a bag, hoped in the car with Poppy, and we were off!
It was lovely to watch the car thermometer drop the further we drove.

Because it's a canyon--there's not really anything to see until you're right on the edge of the cliff, as we parked and walked toward the look-out I was a little confused as to how anything that's supposed to be so spectacular could really be in front of me when all I saw was some desert forest, but oh-my-gosh was I wrong! When we got to the edge my breath was literally taken away--over and over again, every time i looked down into the canyon, I felt like the wind got knocked out of my chest. I'm not even one to fear heights--I'll always go to the edge of a cliff for a pretty picture, but this was unlike any cliff I had ever experienced--and as I looked out at it's expanse my mind had no way of comprehending that I was only seeing a tiny portion of this truly grand canyon. It was no wonder to after that, why Arizona holds one of the Seven Wonders of the World titles. I hope you all get to experience it someday.
We ate dinner on a restaurant porch overlooking the canyon as the sun began to set and talked about our future. It was such a beautiful evening with my best friend. I'm so lucky.


Megan said...

Loooovely pictures! Happy anniversary!

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Happy anniversary! What a great place to be able to travel to so quickly!

Kitsune-kun said...

omg. perfect. <3<3

Beverly Houpt said...

Ah, how lovely and romantic and exhilarating!

Cassie Nafziger said...

Love this!! The Grand Canyon is one of my most favorite places.

Sarah44 said...

That last picture is so cute! Congrats on your anniversary!

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