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Everyone, thank you so much for all the love showed to our family! We were so excited to share the news with you. We made that little video for Marcus's parents who are on a mission in London until December. We hadn't told anyone on the Nielson side we were pregnant because we really wanted to surprise his parents with the {long awaited} news, as well as the gender all at once.

It was so fun to watch their faces (via facetime) as they watched the video and figured out what was being set up and then to find out we were far enough along to know the gender as well. We're so excited to have them back in time to meet the little one in and out of the cocoon he currently resides.

Anyways, since I haven't shared any belly shots, here are the few we've taken so far--it's taken me a long time to show, hence the lack of progression photos. I just felt weird taking pictures of a belly that didn't exist yet, so now that I'm finally showing some progress I think I'll try to be more on top of things ;)
{seven weeks}
 {fifteen weeks}
 {sixteen weeks}
{eighteen weeks}
dress//asos (similar here)
{nineteen weeks}
top//c.o. swell (similar here)
moon necklace//gift (similar here)
marcus' shirt//j.crew factory (buy here)
crib sheets//(buy here)


Shannon Wilson said...

Aww congratulations! You're looking absolutely radiant! Raspberrykiss xo

Irene said...

You kept your secret very well! :)

look a little closer said...

Loved the video! Congratulations!!! :) You look beautiful!

Emily Baker said...

congrats girl!!

kt said...

Ashley & Marcus congratulations (auto complete put that as constellations at first. Equally grand)! So happy for you guys. We are due in early February & I'm so excited that our little ones be similar ages. Much love, cousin Karren

Beverly Houpt said...

The "not looking pregnant" stage is kind of annoying. I remember wanting people to see my belly and congratulate me. Now that I'm 8 months, I forget how big I am and kind of want to hide, haha.

I'm excited to see your progress!

Amanda Dixon said...

I am so excited for you! What a beautiful and fun video! I've read your blog for years, and usually when reading blogs for so long I just get "that feeling" that someone is going to be announcing pregnancy soon. I've always guessed correctly with Taza from Rockstar Diaries... but with you I had no clue and was totally surprised! Looking forward to following your adventure! :)

Stories of Kel said...

yay! such exciting times. congrats!!

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