{Poppy's father day post to Marcus. She loves him.}
If anyone's been wondering why i've been MIA as of late, the following picture pretty much sums it up:
I'm basically a recluse in my own home, hanging out in my undies eating ice and stuff. We actually had to get ourselves together yesterday to venture to a family BBQ and if anyone could have seen us get in our car and turn the breath of Satan on (aka the AC before it cools off), it would have been quite a sight. There was screaming and crying, gasping for any available air that wasn't poisonous, and, of course, gnashing of teeth. Then Marcus accidentally touched the metal part of his seatbelt, branding himself in the process and a curse word may have been uttered. Let me tell you folks, don't let the pool pictures your friends here in Arizona may be posting fool you, it is a terrible place to be right now. TERRIBLE!

We stay busy scheming ways to get out of here ASAP, but until then I keep my mind distracted with things that are funny, happy or inspiring from the internet. Here are few I've been loving this week:

1. This amazing dancer who totally speaks my love language.
2. These freakin' cute baby + dog snuggles.
3. Some thoughts on modesty I can totally dig.
4. These awkward high-fives--now i know where my high-five anxiety comes from.
5. This beautiful story of love within a family.

And to prove I'm not dead--here's a photo from last weekend when my sister-in-law, Reachel made me actually put some clothes on and go out for a night.
similar dress here

How you holdin' up this summer and if you live somewhere cooler, when can I come and visit?


Julia Paige said...

the exact same thing happened to my iphone when i was out the other day... and i'm from canada! it's been crazy hot lately. and thank you so much for sharing that article on modesty. what a great read! hope you survive the heat!!

Beverly Houpt said...

We've been in Chandler for 2 weeks now and I have definitely been a homebody. The breath of Satan, hahaha.

Lacey Horst said...

come on out to oregon! it's gonna be 82 today but the rest of the week will be low 70's-high 60's with some showers.

coco said...

YAY! Your alive! I was in AZ visiting family and being from Idaho lets just say this little snowflake melted and vowed to never be in AZ in summer eva, eva, EVA again! And when my phone did that when I was there I freaked and threw it into the freezer….mild panic attack.

Megs said...

I realize Phoenix is way worse than Tucson, but the A/C in my car is broken, so I am DEFINITELY feeling your pain!!

Lu, the historian and cat owner who loves chocolate said...

Hello Ashely! long time lurker. I loved the link to thoughts on modesty. Not only a great article but an amazing website!!!
I'm sorry about the heat up there in Arizona, I'm from Caracas- Venezuela so my country is melting also...hahahahahahaha. But we have a lovely weather around December, in fact, I spend every holiday taking a bath of sun at a nearby beach.

Jeannee Waseck said...

Before I forget - I love that shelving unit you have above ur sofa! ... Now - I'm in Virginia, and I know the heat is different in Phoenix, but we've had some humidity that is pretty much like you describe, and yeahhh I'm doing kinda sorta what u r talking about here - another great post!

Chandra said...

Ahhhh! HEAT! I'm not envious of it at all. I'm enjoying nice 70-75 breezy days here in the Bay Area/California. You're welcome to visit me any time! hahaha

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