Diez De Mayo, for When Cinco Just Doesn't Happen.


Cutie Pie Jamie threw a gorgeous party that made for delicious food, lots of laughs and some pretty photo opps :) We got there a little early to help get the food set out, hence the empty chairs, but I'm glad we did so we could capture all her hard work in such gorgeous light. Not pictured is the fabulous latin music she had carefully selected to set the mood.
It's good having creative friends/family.

Do you celebrate any irrelevant-to-you holidays? ;)

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Jeannee Waseck said...

Hi! I just found your blog, and I like this post so much, I shared it on my blog :) I don't really even celebrate any holidays anymore, but in the past I would reference this thick-as-the-old-NYC-phone-book, book of holidays, in addition to making up some as I went along ;)

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