manuel antonio jungle beach//day one


After the long journey to Manuel Antonio, we were greeted with the most magical room, jetting out into the jungle and overlooking the beach. The awesome vintage bohemian decor didn't hurt either--it was everything within me to not stuff that awesome red blanket in my bag when we checked out. It was heavenly.

We grabbed some dinner and frozen drinks at a pretty cool restaurant up the road and then ran down to the beach to catch the sunset. Now, if you follow me on instagram, you know that I'm very proud of our Arizona sunsets--they're famously some of the best in the world, but you guys, the sunset we witnessed on the beach that night--i will NEVER be able to forget it. It was so so so good and then it doubled because it was reflecting on in the water, and then, then it tripled because it was reflecting on the wet sand! And then the FULL moon came out over the palms, and I thought my heart and my eyes would explode. EXPLODE!!!

Manuel Antonio held some of my favorite memories, I hope you each get to go someday!
yoga with Reachel
the beach was covered in hermit crabs and marcus was obsessed--HA!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh these photos are so beautiful! I'm going to Costa Rica at the end of the month, but we're staying in the northern Guanacaste region. I hope we'll be able to make it to Manuel Antonio!

Abbey Rodriguez said...

Looking fly, mi amiga! I would steal that red quilt, no questions asked! You are a good egg by not nabbing it.

Grace King said...

You're pictures are beautiful. How can I make my photos look like them? I am obsessed!

Irene said...

it looks amazing. if i ever prepare a tip to CR i'll ask you for all the info of your trip!! i'd love to go!

Sarah44 said...

You are such a beauty!

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