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We've been working on our back patio as of late. It's been a glorious transformation, since for the past year plus it's served mostly as a junk yard for old tools and construction scraps from our indoor projects. We still need to plant a lot of the treasures we've gathered, but just having them around makes me so happy! I can't hardly wait to get it all finished! If I had it my way, all we'd get for Christmas is all our little projects finished! (hint hint, marcus :))

Yay for productive Saturdays!
<<what i wore>>
baseball cap//j.crew on sale (buy here)
hair//my beach curl (tutorial here)
striped cardi//old urban outfitters (buy similar here)
merci tee//j.crew on sale (buy here)
jeans//old ross find (buy similar here)
booties//target (buy here)
magic lipcolor//ebay (buy similar here)


Lindsay Truax said...

That hat looks so cute on you. I may have to break down and buy it.

Lela Boyd said...


Kara said...

I am SUPER excited to work on our new back patio. It's teeny tiny but has a ton of planters already there, so I'm looking forward to spending some time researching some Kara-resistant plants (I only don't kill basil and cactus). Maybe I'll try a fern.

Brittany LeSueur said...

Oh gosh, love this!!!! And I Just HAD to buy that hat.

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