a night at the fair!


printed on real film! i was stoked
 This llama was such a poser, we loved it.
 Every year i leave the fair wanting a goat!
 Baby calf
the fair has pretty much everything you could ask for: a petting zoo, rides, pretty lights, deep fried twinkies, photo booths, and floor to ceiling walls of denim bedazzled purses...what is NOT to love about the fair? I look forward to it every year, drag marcus to, and then he ends up having a great time. 
(his FIRST time to the fair was with me when we were dating!)

we spend most of our time in the agriculture building--this year we met the cow farmers and had a good hour chat, they invited me out to tour their farm and even had us in the milking booth and let us milk the cow with our hands! I was as terrible at it as i was excited.

we then won a free ride ticket and went on truly the most terrifying ride of our lives, also, the funnest.

i'm already excited to go again next year.

do you have a fair in your state? how is it?

arvowear winner announced here!


Anna // Snap Happy said...

That baby kangaroo is the cutest! I love fairs and LOVE photobooths, and yours is just the cutest :)


K&R said...

so much fun! Love the photobooth and of course the llama.
I'm not sure where our state fair is, but i'm sure we have one somewhere cause california is awesome.

look a little closer said...

love these photos! the shots are great! what kind of camera do you use? and omg.. the animals! the wallaby!! <3

Alicia Hanley said...

We're going to the fair this weekend! How much is the photobooth? Real film is legit!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

thanks! we have a canon 6d and i was using a 50mm for these

T-rudy said...

Wallaby! So dang cute!

Sarah W said...

Wow, your fair sounds so much better than the ones you get in the UK! Animals and photobooths! So cool :)

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