vampires of the city.


Back in August I gave Marcus Vampire Weekend tickets for his birthday. Last weekend the time had finally come to redeem them. I've featured them in past {Tunes} on Tuesday because, frankly, I love them. I have so many fond memories that were accompanied by one of their songs or albums. We listened to them a lot when we were dating up in Idaho and Horchata was like our honeymoon theme songs--which now that I type that out, it sounds a lot more personal that it is. Basically it was just on repeat on Marcus' ipod that was in our rental car in Hawaii.
The first time I ever heard Vampire Weekend I was immediately reminded of Paul Simon--he's my all time, so, it was love at first listen. It was a dream to see them live, and with the boy I enjoyed so many of their songs with.
Life is good. So is marriage.
I'm a fan of both.
What are you excited for this October!? 
It's a great month, we're hoping to sneak away on a quick trip :)
<<what i wore>>
80s sunnies//vintage (buy similar here)
initial charm//divas boutique in Tempe (buy similar here)
grey boyfriend cardi//forever21 (buy similar here)
vampire weekend tank//bought at the concert (buy here)
black skinnies//pacsun (buy here)
time sawyer watch//arvo
leather huarches//topshop (buy here)


Jessica Holly said...

Horchata brings me right back to newlywed life in UT! I love how powerful music is to our memories!

A+J said...

This shirt is amazing. Pure magical love.

mysimplemodestchic said...

Love the shirt! I'm glad I found your blog! You've got lots of fun outfits!im excited to be your newest follower! Can't wait to see your latest look!

Emma said...

I love this. mostly cause i love vampire weekend, but also cause you managed to make a t shirt look chic!

Kara said...

I looove their most recent album. This outfit is so so good. Copying immediately.

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